How many wet diapers should newborn have?

As a new parent, you probably thought feeding your precious newborn every few hours was hard enough. But then you start counting diapers too? It seems like there are never-ending questions when it comes to raising kids. One of them is how many wet diapers should a newborn have in a day? Don’t fret my dear friends, because the answer lies ahead!

The Basics

Before we dive deep into this topic, let’s discuss some basics. First off, babies cry almost all the time and about anything even if they’re hungry or sleepy or just feeling cranky for absolutely no reason at all. Second, bubbling poop that crawls out from their waistband is one way to know they’ve done their business and will ruin your clothes more than theirs.

Now onto the question at hand; wet diapers! So why are we so concerned about tracking how many times our tiny humans pee? Well apart from avoiding changing pee-soaked sheets twice in an hour, there’s actually science behind it.

A baby’s wee carries with it waste materials which give us insight into their general health. So what’s normal and what isn’t?

Frequency Of Wet Diapers

First off let’s get familiar with the number of wet diapers your little friend should be producing on a daily basis:

  • On their first day (0-24 hours) babies only produce one or two disposable nappies.
  • A 1-day-old healthy infant can have up to three-or-four wet tables when parents change them out.
  • By days four-to-five-for-sure (96-hours), depending on stools frequency the expected urine diaper counts could be between four-and-six-many-times-a-day (once per Urination).

So far so good huh? Now as these adorable balls of happiness grow older…The game changes entirely…

Older Than One Week

From day six and onwards, your kid will be peeing more than you ever thought was possible. There’s no such thing as choosing a time to change the diaper after this point – otherwise it’ll smell like something tried to crawl up their back… So here are some things you should know:

  • Babies two weeks old must-have at least six-or-more-wet diapers each day.
  • By the end of week 1 or beginning of week 2: The amount of wet nappies doubles to about twelve a day.

Woah! Did that number hit you in the face? Twelve yellow (seriously neon) lined with poo stains each day is nothing short of impressive if I must say so myself!

When Should You Worry?

If by now, we’ve scared-slash-impressed-slash-weirded out you already then rest assured mama bear – there’s only one reason-to-worry: Failing!– just kidding…

Diaper output should increase regularly, us mothers need enough data for analysis right? Just notice any changes around feeding patterns as well since they do affect urine production. Red flags include:

  • A dip-in Count Within An Entire Day After Having Consistency For Days(-)
  • If Your Newborn Is Going Two Days Without Either Stooling Or Peeing(++)

Just remember my fellow parents –There is really no easy way to tell when babies have done something because all they do is cry until their needs are met.


So in conclusion friends, fear not every time your newborn wets diapers re-take those counting-pencils more often than not, everything will turn-out fine… but don’t forget to wear protective gear.

Quick Message from Edna
Don’t forget to wash your quickly baby clothes everyone!


  • Rule One: Always Have Disposable Diapers Nearby.
  • Make sure to note not only wet diapers but stool data points as well
    (just because)
  • Hire a professional cleaner on standby who’s very efficient.

To Summarize

So how many wet nappies is normal for a newborn? Well it ranges, On average they should have at least six of them during day nine until two weeks old. If your little bundle of joy has fewer than marked one-or-two outputs or are going without changing patterns be-SURE to speak up!

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