How many weeks is third trimester nhs?

Are you sporting a baby bump all of a sudden? Congratulations, mommy-to-be! Clearly, you’re here because that’s not enough. You want to know how long the third trimester lasts according to NHS.

Well, buckle up your seatbelts ladies and gentlemen. It’s time to start this roller coaster ride with me as I explain it in detail.

What is the third trimester?

Before we dive deep into calculating weeks, let’s understand what trimesters are. The timeframe of pregnancy is divided into three equal parts called trimesters for convenience – it helps doctors better understand gestational age and fetal development.

The first trimester starts from week 1 (the day after your last menstrual period) and ends at week 12; followed by the second one which runs from week 13 until week 26-28; finally concluding with the third one that continues till birth which will be our topic of discussion today!

When does the third semester start and end?

Every woman’s pregnancy can differ in hours but on average most people complete their full forty-week term either slightly earlier or later. So coming back to our question – when exactly does the third trimester begin?

According to NHS guidelines surrounding UK pregnancies (unless told otherwise),

  • Week twenty-eight marks your entry into official “third-trimester” territory
  • Third-trimester concludes after forty-two weeks

So switch on Winnie-the-Pooh cartoon episodes if you have Disney+ on board for another cupcake delivery run while we continue!

Hang On…What About Due Dates?

We briefly touched upon due dates earlier where many women deliver healthier babies between thirty-seven & forty-first weeks’ gestation period Let us make sure we perfect these stats so whenever someone asks about them using medical jargon , who cares! You got it under control now!

After all, due dates may change as pregnancy progresses. Here are some of the common ways by which your medical professional will reach it:
Using an ultrasound to find out when your baby was conceived.
Calculating your due date based on the first day of your last menstrual cycle
Looking for vital signs like heart rate and fetal development

The bottom line? No one can accurately predict what’s going to happen during pregnancy until it actually happens.

Pregnancy Week by Week: Third trimester Breakdown

When you hit week 28 early contractions might be possible following overproduction from oestrogen -the hormone responsible for facilitating delivery. Preparing yourself emotionally + physically is crucial in this phase:

Weeks Twenty-Nine – Thirty-Two Contractions & Swelling:

Expect a surge in hormonal fluctuation here- irregular mood swings and nausea pressure alongside Braxton Hicks (mild contractions) occur frequently too.

Most people also experience ankle-swelling probably because they’re constantly taking bathroom trips ensuring their bladders aren’t full every now and then! . Sleeping better gets challenging since most pregnant women complain about increased heartburn/acid reflux or even painful leg cramps. Argh!

Weeks Thirty-Eight – Forty-Two Labour Begins:

Ladies, we’ve made it so far – packing up bags ready for the hospital journey should kick in at thirty-seven weeks – resist procrastinating till thirty-ninth week ladies!
There’s no escaping excitement/nervousness/anxiety regarding labour , but prepare with muscle exercises including light jogging; attentive breathing techniques; checking with medical experts and equipment availability available nearby where you plan to have kids .

Why Is It Important To Keep Track Of Your Due Date?

As mentioned earlier, everyone’s pregnancy timetable can differ vastly Just because forty-two weeks period elapses doesn’t mean you’ll go into labor proceedings immediately thereafter. However living beyond your forty-two weeks is troublesome for both you or your baby’s growth & health.

Clinicians often induce birth when women exceed their due dates by more than fourteen days . If you’re planning on precise precision relative to delivery don’t sweat it though, just be sure always to maintain healthy habits inclusive of but not limited to :
Staying hydrated
Maintain a well-balanced diet
Take part in light exercises or yoga
good amounts/moments rest

Is It Safe To Have Sex During Your Third Trimester?

Your partner and you are finally expecting! Sometimes, this can influence an increased libido during the third trimester. Despite what misconceptions may exist about sex during pregnancy, here’s something gynaecologists confirm : Yes, it’s completely safe – unless if explicitly told otherwise!

Why isn’t sex harmful? The fact that amniotic fluid exists whether your water hasn’t broken down yet (minimizes risk) that placenta sufficiently separates/differs anatomically from other sex organs Pretty fascinating right?
Plus Many Women feel More comfortable with their bodies while pregnant which leads to healthier & happier personal connections as compared pre-pregnancy state.

Wrap Up

That’s all folks! Now hold fast to these “facts” the next time someone quizzes you on how long the NHS third-trimester lasts ! Remember hwoever every human body is different so remember taking every step cautiously with advice suggested by your primary fertility/health experts instead of black-or-white declarations made without any scientific backing.

Wait..did pooh get his cupcake afterall? Guess we’ll have o wait till next eposide!