How many steps to walk everyday to lose weight?

Are you tired of hearing the same old weight loss advice? Cut back on carbs, eat more veggies, work out more. Boring! Let’s talk about something different: steps. Yep, those things you take every day without even thinking about it can actually help you lose weight. But how many do you need to take? Let’s find out.

Why Walking Matters

First things first: why is walking good for weight loss? Well, there are a few reasons:

  • Low-intensity exercise – Walking is a low-intensity exercise that can be done by almost anyone, regardless of fitness level.
  • Burns calories – Every step you take burns some calories. If you increase your steps throughout the day, you’ll burn more and lose weight.
  • Boosts metabolism – Regular walking can boost your metabolism , making it easier for your body to burn off fat in the long run.

So we know walking matters when it comes to losing weight. But how many steps should we aim for each day?

The 10K Myth

You may have heard that 10,000 steps per day is the magic number for health and fitness. It’s a popular goal because it’s an easy number to remember and sounds impressive (who wouldn’t brag about taking 10k steps?).

But here’s where things get interesting: there isn’t any scientific evidence behind this claim . In fact ,the idea originated from Japanese pedometers companies who wanted people to purchase their products . So don’t stress if hitting 10k feels impossible – this number is arbitrary at best.

So What Should You Be Aiming For Instead?

While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer,it really depends on what works best for individuals.Aiming between anywhere from 6K and up wards would give significant results.But if shedding huge amount of weight is the agenda, then hitting closer to 10k definitely gives an added advantage .

Track Your Steps

So now that we know how many steps we should be aiming for, we need to track them. There are a few different ways to do this:

  • Fitbit or Activity Tracker – This one’s obvious. Fitbits and other activity trackers will count your steps for you.
  • Smartphone apps -There are plenty of free smartphone apps available in app stores which comes with multiple rewarding features as well.
  • Pedometer (the old school way) – Its good ol’ alternative but still efficient method ,just clip it on your waistband and get walking.

Using an app or wearable device can make tracking more fun since you’ll get clear feedback about how close you’re getting toward your goal.

How Many Calories Do You Burn With Each Step?

Now let’s talk specifics: How many calories does each step actually burn? The answer depends on a few factors:

  • Body Weight: Heavier people tend to burn more calories with each step than lighter people do,because they’re really WORKING IT OUT!

Here’s the data according to the American council of exercising study :

Body weight Avg Expenditure Per 1000 strides
50 kg(110lbs) 26 kcal
68kg(150 lbs) 32 kcal
82kg(180lb) 38 kcal

So if person X is weighing around 70kg and walks at pace of atleast say between brisk walk range i.e;3mph ,he/she would be burning roughly around ~85 Kcals per mile walked.And about Walking time needed could take from30 minutes right up-to two hours depending solely based upon walkers frequency.

Another easy thing in mind while counting these numbers off course would also have consider adjusting diets so that their overall calorie intake is less than what they expend.

  • Walking Pace: The faster you walk, the more calories you’ll burn per step.
    For instance according to American council of Sports Medicine data:

    • Walking at a pace of 2 mph can burn around 165 calories per hour.
    • Walking at a pace of 4.5 mph can burn nearly 500 calories per hour!

Thus always remember Hustle up when it comes getting rid off that stubborn fat!

How Walking Can Boost Your Weight Loss

So we know walking is great for weight loss, but did you know that it’s even better if you mix it with other types of exercise too?

Cardiovascular Exercise

Cardio exercises such as running,jogging or cycling gets your blood pumping and burns calories quickly.Walking could be added in between your routine (slowly eventually )to increase longevity & avoid directly jumping on higher intensity workouts which someday results into sore muscles or broken bones.(yes ,ouch!)

Resistance Training

It means Training in lifting things like dumbbells etc.Its important because targeting specific muscle groups increases metabolism,tone up overall body balance and obviously FIGHT’S GRANNY ARM skinny fat syndrome.

Resistance training doesn’t necessarily mean using heavy weights .Your own bodyweight resistance would give immense fight against those love handles .

While people generally misunderstand walking limitations i.e; only effective upto certain extent towards their fitness goals ,but indeed by alternating days combined with Cardio/RESISTANCE sessions could lead to better weight loss journey and obvious health benefits on long term basis.

Tips To Sneak More Steps Into Your Day

Now that we’ve made our case for walking let’s dive in how an individual actually trap themselves down into consistently taking enough steps while keeping it real:

  • Take The Stairs – Let this one sink-in in mind forever,always opt stairs-over escalator/elevator as its quick, easy and increases heart rate pumping like no other.

  • Walk To Places Rather Than Drive – Cmon 10 mins walk instead of parking hassles ,traffic etc. it refreshes you, saves time/saves environment & yes gives an added advantage towards your weight-loss goals .

  • Make It A Social Activity – Grab a partner to join in the fun.Technical talks,chit-chats or just plain gossiping with friends pushes further each others mental/emotional well-being along with physical health too!

  • Take More Breaks At Work And Get Up From Your Desk Often – Sitting for long period of hours leads not only to soreness but also puts seriously bad impact on overall body functions . Take out foot-walk rallies at every interval breaks and keep that full-bodied movement buzzing.

Remember goal should always be continuity over cause without necessarily overspending on special equipments.Safe walking folks!

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