How many pumps are in one bottle of androgel?

Are you wondering how many pumps are in one bottle of Androgel? Well, look no further! We’ve got the answer to your burning question. Whether you’re a man looking for testosterone replacement therapy or just curious about this popular gel medication, we’ve got all the juicy details on Androgel.

What is Androgel?

First things first, let’s talk about what Androgel actually is. It’s a topical gel medication that contains synthetic testosterone. The gel is applied to the skin and absorbed into the bloodstream through pores on our bodies. It’s used primarily as a treatment for low testosterone levels in men, which can lead to decreased sex drive, muscle loss, and fatigue.

And here comes the exciting part: there are different strengths available when it comes to ordering your own batch of Androgel; 1% and 1.62%! Already confused? Don’t worry – we’ll explain everything!

Different Strengths

The different strengths refer to how much synthetic testosterone (in milligrams) is contained per gram of gel product:

  • For 1% strength – there’s approximately 10mg of synthetic testosterone.
  • For 1.62% strength – there’s around 16mg present within each gram.

So far so good? Great! Let’s continue with calculating how long one pump lasts depending on which concentration you’re using!

How Much Gel Can You Get Out Of One Pump?

Typically these bottles come with a pump dispenser that needs some activation either by twisting off its cap or removing its lock system before usage – like those shampoo dispensers at fancy hotels (you know what I’m talking about!)

Once activated press-down-and-dispense motion will release an amount of measured-dose/pump according to whichever formulation/percentage that was prescribed (note: every patient might have a different prescription). Here’s a table to help you quickly determine how much gel activation releases per pump on average:

Strength of Androgel Number of Pumps for 30 Day Supply Amount Dispensed Per Pump
0.25% (rarely used) 120 pumps / bottle /pump
1 % 60 pumps / bottle 1.25g/pump
1.62% (usually) 30 pumps/bottle ;(sometimes) 75 pumps/bottle; (usually) 2.5g/pump;(sometimes) about 1 g/ pump

In summary, one can expect the following:

  • For the typical dosage schedule, a single month’s supply requires either two or four ochre-coloured ‘Androgel’ pacs (boxes) which come in form of easy-to-use sachets so that the right amount of testosterone is correctly applied each day.
  • The number counts if there are or not different doses being applied.

So now let’s do some math!

How Many Pumps Are In A Bottle Of Androgel?

For calculating precisely how many pumps we could extract from a standard size bottle given an available quantity, inputs depend slightly differently based on percentage strength followed by pack sizes:


If your prescription is 4 multi-dose bottles at once and at [usual] concentration (i.e., not using a lower/higher dose version) then it would last approximately as shown below in terms – dependent upon these factors outlined below!

Keep in mind this only applies to usual-sized packages rather than samples/trial-size bottles etc . For most people ordering online or through prescription will receive their individual instructions written down regarding usage age specific volumes/drug strengths required from said prescribed item anyway so don’t worry too much about your calculations.

  • Standard 1% strength bottle contains a total of 75 grams.
  • If one pump dispenses around 1.25g (as stated in the table above), then:
    • One standard 1% Androgel bottle will contain approximately 60 pumps.


For those utilizing higher concentration gels, each pump may provide a smaller dosage so you would need more pumps to achieve the same amount actually being applied because they’re formulated individually – this is referenced by larger pack sizes for people requiring more medication depending on use case.


In conclusion, how many pumps are in one bottle of Androgel depends upon various factors such as the percentage strength and amount prescribed per day by a medical professional – not forgetting to mention different package variations (e.g., large vs. small). Nonetheless, it’s vital that patients get precise instructions from their healthcare provider regarding proper usage and follow all labels/division administration given on-and-offline for optimal therapy outcomes!