How many personalities in split?

Welcome to this article about the fascinating world of multiple personalities in the movie ‘Split’! This is where we discuss how many personalities were portrayed by James McAvoy, and explore some interesting facts you may have missed. So sit back, relax and let’s dive into the exciting world of mental illness!

The Beginning

The thriller-horror movie ‘Split’, directed by M. Night Shyamalan, tells the story of Kevin Wendell Crumb (James McAvoy), a man with 23 distinct personalities living inside him, who kidnaps three teenage girls as part of his plan to unleash a never-before-seen personality named “The Beast”. With signature twists that are typical for M. Night Shyamalan movies, it has quickly become one of audiences’ all-time favorites.

Underlying Cause

Before discussing how many personalities there are in ‘Split’, it is important to understand what causes such mental conditions. Multiple personality disorder (now known as dissociative identity disorder) is typically caused by severe trauma experienced during childhood, usually due to physical or sexual abuse from someone close to them like their parents or guardians (Phew!) . The trauma often leads people with multiple personality disorders to create new identities within themselves so they can cope with traumatic experiences.

Understanding Dissociative Identity Disorder

Dissociative identity disorder involves developing two or more separate identities characterized by different thoughts and behaviors that simultaneously exist within an individual’s mind. Each identity takes control at different times while suppressing other aspects completely depending on environmental cues (Did you get that right?) .

These identities may be similar or vastly different from each other in terms of temperament, habits values & thoughts etc., sometimes leading individuals living completely separate lives when being controlled by those specific personas – That person could very well have amnesia towards anything done when another persona was controlling their behavior (Pretty cool, huh?) .

How Many Personalities are there in ‘Split’?

So the burning question: how many distinct personalities does James McAvoy portray throughout the movie? It may sound like a straightforward answer, but it’s not! So please put on your thinking caps as we list out all 23 personas and their unique characteristics. Be warned though.. some of these personalities can be mentally challenging to look at –

  1. Dennis – A dangerous obsessive cleaner.
  2. Patricia – Representing high-mannered ladyship -> Besides leading/pairing with Dennis ultimately controlling Kevin or ‘The Horde’
  3. Hedwig – A 9 year old creepy-crawly-kid who speaks uncomfortably about adult affairs and knows all the secrets of The Horde.
  4. Barry – A fashion designer; He is friendly, bisexual & more socially acceptable than some other personalities in terms of occasional co-fronting role (the technical term stating implied that he shares his time with Kevin)
    5-7. Orwellian, Heinrich and Jade – All three take turns owning a group email that lists down everyone’s tasks..
  5. Mary Reynolds – Motherly/friendly figure often greeting guests usually an “Anchor” for emotional support
    9-10. Norma and Jalin — The Psychological Doctors cum therapists which help diagnose each personality within Kevin’s brain i.e., per say less personalities have less attention span compared to others.
    11-13.,,and. Luke, Margo, Benny — This trio is responsible for monitoring intrusion threats/personas which do come without permission hence must be tackled before intellectual thieves get ahead

Adding further complexity- one unnamed persona has only been featured once —Where they woke up covered in blood based off ab-Havok incident (What was going on here?) . People differtiate between Harold through subtle changes laying on moral level/personality

With each personality holding a different set of values, interests and mannerisms at an extreme degree to those ruled by social and ethical standards Kim Noble’s autobiography titled ‘The woman with 17 personalities’ explores the difficulties of dealing multiple manners in one body.

The Beast

Aside from Kevin’s primary identities, ‘Split’ reveals that there is one more powerful identity looming within him known as “The Beast”. This unrelenting villainous persona wreaks havoc on anyone who comes across it. In fact, it’s so dangerous and elusive that for most part of the movie audiences aren’t even sure if it exists or not! This ominous character appears only near the end when he murders Casey’s uncle & friends en route finding his inner self brought forth because DMT/drugs were administered (Kevin never experienced this before taking the illegal narcotic) – Yes even psychotic people like Kevin have limits too!

An Authentic Portrayal?

Finally.. we must ask ourselves whether James McAvoy gives us an accurate portrayal of someone with dissociative identity disorder. To understand not every person diagnosed falls under the category defined by rigorous interpretation listed down in DSM-5 standard but still McAvoy does manage to capture glimpses such traits alongside sharing overarching control through distinct roles assigned to each persona created realisticly enough without reducing them too cartoonish caricature fighting over menial tasks — As sometimes observed through other media examples (- cough Riverdale).

But remember folks…still fiction until proven real!

In conclusion – While watching Split was engaging – It mainly worked out putting emphasis on mental health subject matter rather than focusing completely upon split-screen vignettes shown throughout . It managed empathetically highlighting challenges encountering people suffering living with such condition ,whether they had 23 personalities or lesser some varying greatly often depending part diagnosis medical treatment options are available But what did you think after reading this article? Which personality did you like the most or wish they had shown more of? Let us know in the comments below!