How many milligrams of aleve can i take a day?

If you’re like most people, you hate pain. Who wouldn’t? Whether it’s because of an injury or chronic condition, nobody wants to feel uncomfortable all the time. That’s where Aleve comes in – this over-the-counter medication promises relief from everything from headaches to muscle aches and arthritis (as long as your doctor has approved its use).

However, before reaching for that bottle, it is essential to know how much medicine can be taken safely each day without causing negative side effects. Below we answer the question: “How many milligrams of Aleve can I take a day?”

What is Aleve?

First things first: what exactly is Aleve? This over-the-counter medication contains Naproxen – a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) used in relieving pain and inflammation. It belongs to the same family as ibuprofen and aspirin but works differently (so don’t go thinking they are interchangeable; talk to your doc if you need more clarification).

Aleve generally starts working within sixty minutes or so after taking it orally. However, note that this varies by person and dosage.

The different formats available include tablets capsules,and liquid gel caps .These medications come with instructions as stipulated on their packaging/leaflet,but there still remains discrepancies in how users consume them–for instance :

  • Some patients break open the pills.
  • Others crush them into powder form
  • Or dissolve tablets in water.

It would be best if you always referred back to our dosage information below whenever stuck

Dosages Available

Here are some requirements based on age:

Adult / above 12 years old

Individuals who have reached puberty typically will take anywhere between 220mg up-to750 mg every eight hours alongside meals (avoid taking when empty stomach due to its irritating nature). Individuals aged 65 and above will take Aleve for an extended period as each dose is taken not more than twice daily, with eight hours between doses.

Children under the age of 12

Before administering any drug, you should always consult with a doctor or pediatrician (remember? we talked about this).The physician typically considers their weight,the presence of other illnesses,symptoms severity among other patient-specific information to arrive at a definitive dosage. Ensure that you’re always reading through labels clearly whenever giving it to children less than twelve years old (don’t go thinking your dog/cat can safely consume it because they too are younger than twelve in human years).

What Is The Maximum Dosage of Aleve I Can Take Per Day?

Now that you know what Aleve is and how much an adult or young person can usually take per serving/day let’s look into its maximum dosage.

Per day,it is advised that patients don’t exceed more than two pills ( i.e., a total of 440 milligrams) within twelve hours overall.However , consuming one tablet every eight-hours blocks inflammation pathways hence control-inge

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