How many holes are there in the vagina?

If you’re reading this article, it’s probably because you’ve always wondered just how many holes there are down there. Well, look no further! We’re going to take a deep dive into the intricate and often confusing anatomy of the female reproductive system.

The Basics

Before we get into it, let’s establish some groundwork. First things first: what exactly is the vagina? Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just one hole – rather, it’s an entire canal that connects the outside of your body to your cervix. At its opening lies the labia majora (outer lips) and labia minora (inner lips), which protect and surround everything beneath them.

The Vulva

The vulva is the outermost part of our genital region (god bless) including all those bumps around our mons pubis aka “pussy bumps.” This area includes everything from your clitoris on up toward your belly button.

Mons Pubis

Your mons pubis has plenty of nerve endings , so stimulation here can feel incredible for some folks . To find yours without feeling self-conscious or stimulating yourself to completion in public:

1. Stand up straight
2. Put one hand right above where your thigh meets your pelvis
3. With other hand slide two fingers along where all that hair lives
4. Hold out hope for being able to grope yourself at home tonight

Labia Majora

Technically speaking, these fleshy lips help support the external sexual organs like a cozy hammock which sounds delightful but don’t forget they too contain sebaceous glands i.e., they smell after a long sweaty day!! You might remember hearing some hysterical barbs about beef curtains — much like pants-ripping farts doing that when I laugh thing ;-/. But if any dude makes fun of yours it’s probably because they’re horrible in bed.

Urethra – The First Hole

Now, let’s get back to the main topic at hand: how many holes are there in the vagina? Well, technically speaking, there’s only one. The actual opening of your vulva leads to your urethra (a.k.a where pee comes out). However, this area is often referred to as a “hole” colloquially.

Vagina & Clitoris

Now that we’ve got that sorted out, though,let’s talk about two very different but equally important parts: the clitoris and vaginal canal.


The clit is super sensitive and actually shaped kind of like a wishbone — veiny or branching off toward each side—and comparable to male genitalia because both men/women start with similar embryonic tissue. It is internal and external (yup there really IS more than what meets eye!). Much like playing JV soccer in high school once you get on down there people will try doing all sorts of things for pleasure..some ambitious ones go ahead full throttle at stimulating it rub-o-war style while some others just titillate themselves by rubbing roundabout! either which way I say Hooray Pleasure!

Vaginal Canal

The vaginal canal contains additional glands which secrete fluids that can provide lubrication during arousal^(hey it ain’t easy being wet ALL THE TIME!) Don’t worry if yours doesn’t seem super-wet before or during penetration: Everyone experiences different levels of dryness/moisture changes throughout their menstrual cycle.^You may experience an increase in discharge when ovulating; my condolences also Perimenopause FTW no need for lube hoorah!

Mythbusting Time!!!

Okay so indeed all vaginas are not created equal –– but these following rumours definitely aren’t true!

Myth #1: Losing Your Virginity Makes You A-hole-less

First things first, losing your virginity doesn’t change the physical makeup of your genitalia. In other words, there’s no magical hymen-breaking that makes new holes appear.

Myth #2: The G-Spot and Clitoris Are the Same Thing

The g-spot is a spot which when stimulated might lead to some coveted action 😉 But please do not confuse it w/the clit its like comparing ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ with ‘Dude where’s my car’

Myth #3:Pee Comes Out Through the Vaginal Canal

Nope! As previously mentioned, pee comes out through a completely separate hole known as your urethra . That means you won’t be able to get pregnant from large amounts of urine in a pool.

Different Types Of Holes?

Of course, this isn’t to say that there aren’t any variances between individual women – after all, vaginas are just like snowflakes in that regard (except probably warmer…we hope). Some ladies have what they describe as one or several “holes” they can feel inside their vagina by running fingers along it (a vestigial reminder of earlier fetal development) while others report only feeling smooth walls.

In Conclusion

So how many holes are there in the vagina? Well, if we’re defining “the vagina” as strictly being the vaginal canal itself^Then only one, but when we take into account our vulva..and indeed all libido-fuelled body parts well,,get ready for quite an adventure!! Bottom line here is that We’re all unique individuals who love different ways of stimulation ^(I’m looking at those who really know how earn HBO 😉 ) So stay healthy and enjoy every curve life brings…oh wait curves again will update language soon!!!

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