How Many Episodes Of The Windsors?

The Windsors is a British television comedy series that premiered on Channel 4 in May 2016. It provides a satirical insight into the lives of the royal family, namely Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Edward, and their children. The show is known for its tongue-in-cheek humor and overall hilarity.

How Many Episodes Of The Windsors?
How Many Episodes Of The Windsors?

How many episodes are there?

As of August 2021, there have been three seasons of The Windsors totaling twenty-one episodes:

  • Season 1: Six episodes
  • Season 2: Six episodes
  • Christmas Special: One episode
  • Season 3: Eight episodes

What can viewers expect from each episode?

Each episode focuses on one or more characters from the royal family and their respective storylines. Some storylines include:

  • Pippa Middleton’s secret life as a superheroine.
  • Harry’s love affair with a welfare mom.
  • Kate trying to maintain her title as queen bee.
  • Camilla’s obsession with social media influencers.

Overall, viewers can expect outrageous behavior from their favorite members of royalty.

Is it accurate?

Of course not! This is satire at its finest. Viewers should enjoy it for what it is rather than taking anything too seriously. The writers take liberties with real-life events surrounding the royals to create wild fictional scenarios – all in good fun!

Who stars in it?

The cast includes some talented actors who bring these zany characters to life:

Harry Enfield: Prince Charles & Prince Philip

Haydn Gwynne: Camilla Parker Bowles

Katy Wix: Fergie & Beatrice

Celeste Dring: Eugenie & Meghan Markle

Ellie White: Kate Middleton

Matthew Cottle: Prince Edward & Justin Trudeau

Lucy Montgomery: Princess Anne & Theresa May

Other notable actors include Richard Goulding as Prince Harry, Morgana Robinson as Pippa Middleton, and Hugh Skinner as William.

Why should viewers watch it?

The Windsors is a unique take on the royal family – one that isn’t afraid to poke fun at their flaws and quirks. It provides a refreshing comedic perspective on an often-stuffy institution, offering up outrageous situations that keep everyone laughing. Plus, with only twenty-one episodes currently available, it’s an easy show to binge-watch in one sitting!

Seasons of The Windsors?

The Windsors are undoubtedly a fascinating family to observe. With their unique history, impressive wealth, and extravagant lifestyle, they’re an endless source of entertainment for the public. However, just like everyone else, the Windsors have their ups and downs. Some seasons are filled with joy and celebrations while others marked by scandals and tragedies.

In this section, we will explore the different seasons that The Windsors have experienced throughout history in chronological order.

The Early Days: 1900s -1930s

At its inception, the House of Windsor was known as the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha until World War I broke out. Then-King George V deemed it inappropriate to bear such a German-sounding name during wartime and chose to change it to something more English. That’s when ‘Windsor’ came into existence.

During this season’s era birthdays, jubilees and weddings were among some of the moments where Britain rallied around its monarchy as symbols of national pride. King George V reigned from 1910-1936; his reign contrasted between both great turmoil during World War 1 before managing to lead them through recovery after WWII.###


Q: What was life like for royals during these early days?

Life wasn’t so lavish compared to how they live now; even kings did not have central heating & breakfast could take over an hour since people sent random courses up separately instead of all at once.

Q: Did any significant events happen during this time frame?

Yes! In June 1913 Queen Mary attended a performance by Suffragettes at London’s Palladium theatre which ended in violence.

Post-War Era: 1945-1970s

This period produced many highs and lows for The Royals. It began with Winston Churchill winning bigly over Labour’s Clement Attlee in the first election held after World War 2 to help rebuild Britain. This early period of the queen’s reign was marked by hope and optimism.

In contrast, during this era, notable scandals also emerged. One such scandal was in 1955 when Princess Margaret ended her relationship with Group Captain Peter Townsend.

This season peaked when Queen Elizabeth II ascended into the throne following the death of her father King George VI.# The Coronation on June 2nd, 1953 being a key highlight amidst much needed national celebration after WWII.


Q: What interesting facts or tidbits surround this era?

A gospel choir performed at Prince Harry & Meghan Markle wedding; it said volumes for how times have changed!

Q: Did any significant events happen during this time frame?

Yes! In 1969 Christopher Dobson played a friendly game of squash with Prince Charles- and actually won!

Modern Era:1980s-Present

The modern Windsors’ season is one that most people are more familiar with – thanks partly to various forms of media-focused coverage worldwide. It all began when Lady Diana Spencer married Prince Charles in July 1981 at St Paul’s Cathedral before a global audience!#

During this era, there have been many notable high-lights, from William and Kate’s wedding watched millions globally to their son Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor’s birth!

However some royal activity came under scrutiny like allegations announcing sex crimes but no charges filed were filed against anyone related to these events suggesting exaggerated drama compared to frequency or validity demanded by National press/media outlets seeking headlines over story quality.


Q: Have modern technology and social media affected the way we perceive The Royals positively or negatively?

Overall I think social has both had a positive impact such as increased publicity around charity work alongside new organisations etc while bestriding positivity seemingly effortlessly-but going viral also means sudden attention on anything negative, potentially doing significant harm to individuals in certain scenarios or situations.

Q: Did any significant events happen during this time frame?

Yes! In 2005 Prince Harry was caught red-handed wearing a Nazi uniform at a private party!

The seasons of The Windsors have been eventful and often unpredictable. From the early days marked by celebrations of patriotism and unity following world wars to modern-day characterized by the ever-growing influence of social media with its propensity for both good –& not so good.
One thing is clear though; our love affair with all things royal shows no sign of wavering any time soon!

56188 - How Many Episodes Of The Windsors?
56188 – How Many Episodes Of The Windsors?

How long is The Windsors?

If you’re thinking about binge-watching The Windsors, the question on your mind probably isn’t how tall they are. Instead, you would want to know how long each episode is – and that’s exactly what we’ll be addressing in this section.

Episode length

First of all, let’s talk numbers. Each episode of The Windsors runs for approximately 30 minutes. Now, depending on your perspective, that may feel like a brief respite from reality or an interminable slog. And we won’t make any promises as to which side of that spectrum you’ll fall on.

What we can say is that half an hour seems like just enough time to touch base with the various members of the Windsor clan, get an update on their lives , and then wrap things up before it becomes tedious. Of course, whether or not it actually does become tedious will depend largely on who you ask.

A satirical take

For those unfamiliar with The Windsors: it’s a British comedy series that takes liberties with recent royal history and spins it into a ludicrous satire. So if you’re expecting a high-brow documentary exploring the nuances of regal life. . . well, perhaps look elsewhere.

But if absurd humor sounds like your cup of tea , then give The Windsors a try. It lampoons everything from Prince Harry’s love life to Princess Beatrice’s eccentricities – all while preserving just enough factual basis so as to elicit guffaws rather than groans.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some possible queries you might have concerning The Windsors:

Q: How many episodes are there?

A: Currently there have been three series’ worth of episodes aired in the UK; each series being composed either six or eight individual episodes.

Q: Is the show historically accurate?

A: Absolutely not! The Windsors trades in absurdity and exaggeration, riffing off of familiar tabloid headlines and conspiracy theories to create a version of the monarchy that’s equal parts bonkers and hilarious.

Q: Who stars in The Windsors?

A: There is an impressive cast involved in this show. Some notable actors from it include Harry Enfield who plays Prince Charles, Haydn Gwynne as Camilla Parker Bowles, and Morgana Robinson as Pippa Middleton among others.

In the end, whether or not you enjoy The Windsors will likely come down to your personal sense of humor. Some viewers may find themselves chuckling at its wit while others may roll their eyes at its slapstick antics. But no matter where you land on that spectrum, it’s hard to deny that thirty minutes per episode seems like just about the right length for this particular brand of satire.

Full Episode List for The Windsors

The British royals have never been short of controversy, and the satirical sitcom ‘The Windsors’ has done an excellent job at highlighting these scandals on our screens. Following the lives of Britain’s most famous family in a parody version always brings laughter to viewers. Below is a comprehensive list of all episodes produced.

Season 1

Episode 1: Prince Harry Returns from his mysterious gap-year in Africa with Pippa Middleton as his bride-to-be

Episode 2: Discovering Kate’s secret past: is she really born as an aristocrat?

Episode 3: Charles abdicates to follow his true passion – gardening!

Episode 4: William — The Reluctant King-in-waiting

Episode 5: Meghan Markle arrives to shake things up, causing chaos within Kensington Palace

Season 2

Episode 1: Camilla Goes Wild! – A hilarious episode where the Duchess embraces her wild side by taking part in strictly come dancing

Episode 2: Catherine hangs out with Melania Trump and a Presidential encounter ensues

Episode 3: Harry gets mistaken for Ed Sheeran by accident which causes enormous confusion among fans.

Episode 4: Charles falls in love with himself when he finds someone who looks like him.

Season Finale Special: Prince Andrew Scandal Edition

A dramatic season finale took place around Prince Andrew accusations regarding Jeffrey Epstein sex-trafficking scandal. Unfortunately, this was not available on streaming services due to controversial views expressed in the episode.

Q&A Section:

Q: Could you watch The Windsors without previous knowledge about Royal Family?

It would help if you had an understanding of what’s happening inside Buckingham Palace before watching this show. Fortunately, anyone can understand what’s going on even if they don’t know much about British history or Culture. However, if you’re not a fan of hilarious shows that poke fun at the world’s most prominent and controversial family, you might find it challenging to keep up.

Q: Will ‘The Windsors’ depict Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s royal exit?

As much as we would love to see the drama unfold on our screens, the show had already wrapped up after their departure took place. Nonetheless, there is always hope for future seasons!

Q: How accurate are portrayals of characters like William and Kate?

The Windsors is a satirical sitcom; therefore, its portrayal of people in powerful positions isn’t the same as traditional forms of characterizations. Some modifications have been made to turn them into fictional caricatures with excess exaggeration for extra laugh value! But don’t worry – everyone knows this is just satire – nothing here is meant to be taken seriously.

Now that you know all about The Windsors episodes, make sure you get your popcorn ready for hours of laughs! You don’t need any particular background knowledge or understanding of history or culture to appreciate how hilariously crazy these episodes can be. So binge-watch away and enjoy the royally ridiculous ride.

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