How many different monster energy drinks are there?

Have you ever wondered how many different types of Monster energy drinks exist? Between the classic green can and the fancy limited edition flavors, it’s hard to keep track. Well, monster lovers, buckle up for a wild ride as we dive into the world of Monster energy drinks!

The Classic Green Can

Of course, we have to start with the OG: the classic green can. This iconic drink boasts 160mg of caffeine in just one serving. That’s more than your average cup/brew of coffee! The flavor is crisp and refreshing, but some may find it a bit too sweet.

Lo-Carb Monster

If you’re looking for something that packs slightly less sugar punch while still providing ample caffeine to get you through a long day, Lo-carb Monsters are your best bets. With only two grams of carbs per serving (as opposed to a whopping 54g in regular Monsters), these little guys won’t leave you feeling like you need an actual monster-sized nap afterward.

Zero Ultra

Zero Ultra is unique because it doesn’t use any fruit juice or fancy flavors – instead, its taste comes from white tea extract and carbonated water. If all that sounds too bizarre for words, don’t worry, drinkers agree that Zero Ultra tastes absolutely phenomenal despite lacking common fruity notes found in other energy drink varieties!

What’s Inside A Can Of Monster Energy Drink?

Before we go further into what other energies there are let me enlighten non-monster-drinkers on what exactly they’re drinking! One can (8oz) contains:

  • Protein: Mostly undetectable unless labeled added
  • Various forms(including sucrose)of Carbohydrates making up most calorie sources
  • High amount (~180 milligrams) Caffeine content noted above
  • Creatine supplements accounting for athletic performance claims on cans.
  • Taurine: this amino acid is believed to help manage blood pressure and insulin resistance and also plays a vital role in combating neurological such as depression, chronic headaches or stress.
  • Glucose: Typically occurring naturally within the body but can be found heavily in sweetened sports drinks
  • Sodium chloride(better known as table salt): Vital electrolyte finding inside your every day energy drink

The Diet Drinks

Ahh yes, diet Monster Energy Drink, for folks that want zero calories with all those monster benefits. Best part? You can still get your buzz on without feeling guilty about any extra impact it might have on weight gain. But let’s not pretend the taste compares favorably against regular Monsters.

Zero Calorie Original Flavor (Green Can)

This one is pretty self-explanatory – it’s the classic flavor without any added sugar. With ten calories per serving, you won’t even realize you’re drinking something beneficial! Why anyone would go for 10 when they could go for 0 is beyond reasoning/fathoming.

Ultra Violet

Ultra Violet has picked-up strong following due to its distinct grape-flavored profile. The purple coloration of their packaging could easily be mistaken for anything out of an artist’s imagination so it makes perfect sense Monster came up with a flavor just as quirky!

Black Cherry

Black Cherry seemed logical supply given how popular tart cherries are already; incorporating such flavors proved useful. Like most other varieties of custom flavored Monsters this one carries no carbohydrate additives thanks to artificial sweetening like Aspartame which ultimately results in fewer calorie count overall.

Table: Diet Flavors Comparison

Battle Of Zero Calories Serving Size Calories
Zero Calorie OriginalFlavor(GreenCan) 8oz 0
UltraViolet ~15 mL (~2.5 Tsp) 0
Black Cherry approx. half cup (120mL/4oz) 6

Monster Rehabs

Are you more of a laid back kind enthusiastic about refreshing energy drinks mixed with rooibos tea? Well, this particular type of monster might just be your perfect for any relaxing days!

Tea + Pink Lemonade

Monster Rehab is a whole mood/vibe upon itself; adding two classic drinks like ice tea and pink lemonade creating an awe-inducing combination will invigorate the taste buds!

Orange Citrus

This rehab flavor closely resembles every other citrus-related drink but with added benefits similar to aforementioned natural supplements especially notable in creatine rich sports products.

Table: Types of Rehabs

Monster Rehab Flavor

Java Monsters

People who love both monsters and coffee combined have been benefiting from these heavenly hybrids since their release in the early 2000s.

Irish Blend

The Irish blend Java Monster boasts hints of smooth cream liqueur float atop tradition-rich roasted coffee flavors that leave lots lingering on pallet after the last swallow or sip (long sentence, eh?).

Mean Bean

Supposedly one doesn’t need to add any sugar or cream to avoid wincing reflexes when consuming this powerhouse concoction which touts robust coffee infusion akin what baristas make for espresso-seekers everywhere.

Table: The Deliciousness Comparison

Java Monsters Serving Size Calories
IrishBlend 8 oz/240 mL 120 calories
Mean Bean                                                                     640 ml         208 Cal Very long right? Short isn’t always better folks!

Modern Classics

Monster also creates seasonal drinks which in some cases turn into permanent options, here are notable ones:

Pipeline Punch

With summertime creeping upon us it would be cruel to leave out the king of all theme based Monsters we can think of. This mash-up tropic fruits is a case study on fruity energy done right: vibrant color pairing and wild flavor combinations that may seem too much for alcohol-based cocktails but perfect for the loud energy drink industry.

Mango Locco Loco

A new guy, this addictively sweet monster guarantees an insane experience especially considering its inspired from Hispanic/Latin American flavors.

Table: Seasonal Yummies!

Monster Energy Limited Editions

Final Thoughts

So there you have it monster conspiracy theorists, eight different types (and two limited edition) of Monster energy drinks. Whether you’re looking for something classic or trying out one of their newer creations, there’s a flavor to satisfy every taste bud out there.

Now it’s simply about deciding which one fits your fit purposes best whether that means avoiding high sugar carve-outs with diet options or seeking more creatine-rich supplements in other variations offered by established brands like Bang and Reign wink!

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