How many days to read tb skin test?

If you’ve recently undergone a TB skin test, then you might be wondering how long it takes for the results to come back. You’re not alone! This is a common concern among individuals who have undergone this procedure. While there are many factors that can affect the reading time of your test, we’ll give you all the information you need to know in this ultimate guide.

What Is a TB Skin Test?

Before we dive into reading times, let’s do a quick recap on what exactly is involved in a TB skin test. Tuberculosis, or “TB,” is an infectious disease caused by bacteria that often affects the lungs but can impact other parts of your body as well.

The skin test works by injecting a small amount of tuberculosis antigens under the surface of your skin and monitoring any subsequent immune system reactions. Your healthcare provider will examine your arm after 48-72 hours for any sign of redness or swelling at injection site.

Factors Affecting Reading Time

Many different factors can influence reading times including patient health status, age, and medication use.

Health Status

Individuals with weakened immune systems due to HIV infections, cancer treatments such as chemotherapy ,or use certain medications may take longer than usual days before see any ctbony signs when taking tests from tuberculis infection (TB).


Age-related decline in some aspects of immune function typically means older people require more time between assessments than younger patients do – especially if they chronically received care previously and/or struggle with chronic health conditions like diabetes .

Reading Your Results

After getting tested for tuberculosis using Mantoux method(the most commonly used one),three possible things could happen:

1)Negative result: No induration present-nothing else needed!
2)Positive result: Induration radius >=5mm-expect additional examinations!
3)Inconclusive result :May occur if your test happens during the second day of result periods (>48hrs) and/or if there is an unusual reaction you could have caught from somewhere else.

Negative Result

If you received a negative result on your TB skin test, then congratulations! This means that no signs of tuberculosis were found under your skin’s surface. Depending on why you needed to be tested, additional examinations or treated may not be necessary.

Positive Result

A positive hairless cat would mean that there was significant immune response which marks presence of latent tuberculosis infections . Treatment options with doctor/nurse prescription are available for those who test positive either by getting medication for observation or taking drugs like INH but it can take up to months before someone starts appearing as cured in their blood tests – sometimes longer still!

Latent vs Active Infection

It’s important to note that unlike active infection verification, it’s usually not contagious in initially diagnosed latent TB cases since antigens just now appeared due to certain contributing factors rather than spreading throughout communities via inhalation or other transferal mechanisms.

If healthcare providers start suspecting actively present illness instead they could order and perform other tissue samples such as sputum cultures, bronchoscopy(fiber-optic side),or X-ray depending particularly symptomatology.

Inconclusive Results

An inconclusive results might happen when expected reactions reappear >48hrs after tuberculin filterpaper patch thats applied during Mantoux procedure takes place – this isn’t necessarily bad news though! Just likely implications would need more specific follow ups so its important go back into regular check-ins circles every few days until outcomes are clearer upfront .

How Long Does It Take To Read A TB Skin Test?

Since reading time can vary greatly depending on a range of influencing factors we listed earlier-There really isn’t one definitive answer however,the general rule is give some between 2-3 days before expecting any interpretation at all.


TB skin tests are an important tool in monitoring for signs of tuberculosis infections, but understanding how long it takes to receive your results is crucial. While there are many variables that can impact reading times, some aspects involve general waiting periods as well – regardless specific health status or other individual factors.

Always keep consulting with your healthcare provider/pharmacist if you suspect any new symptoms just arose because the earlier TB gets detected and treated frequently correlates with better outcomes!

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