How many celebrities have died in 2015?

It’s fair to say that death is one of life’s little inevitabilities. Whether we like it or not, none of us are getting out of this world alive. Celebrities may live lives most people can only dream about, but they’re still subject to the same mortal fate as the rest of us. So how many famous folks shuffled off this mortal coil during 2015?

The year started with a bang

Sadly, the Grim Reaper wasted no time making an impact, and by mid-January had already claimed several high-profile names from the entertainment industry.

January losses

  • Stuart Scott
  • Donna Douglas
  • Taylor Negron
  • Rod Taylor

None of these celebrities were necessarily household names to everyone watching at home on TV – unless you happened to be a particular fan – but all made their mark in some way or another.

Springtime sadness continued

As spring approached, so too did more sad announcements:

February losses

  • Louis Jourdan
  • Harris Wittels
  • Bob Simon

March losses

  • Richard Glatzer
  • Albert Maysles
  • Ravi Shankar

It was shaping up to be quite a tough year for celebrity survival rates.

The hits kept rolling through summer

The warmer months brought more somber tidings, as even bigger stars began dropping:

### April losses

  • Ben Powers
  • Percy Sledge

### June Losses

Christopher Lee

Yes, just let that sink in for a moment. One hundred and ninety-two years old,Christopher Frank Carandini Lee took his final bow after portraying Dracula numerous times over multiple decades.

## Autumn angst

As fall rolled around again,

### September Loss

    Wes Craven

A real pioneer within horror movie directors

He created legendary horror franchises including "Nightmare on Elm Street" and "Scream". It was a genuine tragedy for the entire genre.

December Losses

While it has been a while since we’ve lost someone, 2019 wasn’t without its share of sad news:

Some celebrities go out with barely more than a whimper; others depart leaving behind an indelible cultural legacy. What is undeniable though, given the sheer volume of beloved performers who died during 2015, is that it was one heck of a bad year for celebrity fatalities.


Death can be tough to talk about at times. Some people are uncomfortable discussing mortality – whether their own or others’ – but, in all honesty? It’s important to remember those who’ve passed away; celebrating their legacies reminds us why they meant so much to us when they were still with us here in the world. While glib humor may not seem appropriate at such somber times, life goes on regardless and laughter is often what makes existence bearable even when things get really rough. So if any legends from our entertainment community have recently left this plane of existence…then let’s pour them some brightly colored liquid refreshment 🍺 (or something stronger!) as we raise yet another glass 🥂to commemorate what these fantastic individuals accomplished over long & illustrious careers!

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