How many carbs in a turkey sandwich?

If you’re like me, then the thought of a delicious turkey sandwich is enough to make your mouth water. However, if you are on a low carb diet, you may be wondering how many carbs in a turkey sandwich? Fear not! We have all the answers for you here.

What Is A Turkey Sandwich?

Before we jump into the nitty-gritty of carb counts and macro-nutrient information let’s cover what actually constitutes as a turkey sandwich. Now, I know this might sound obvious but trust me when I say that there are some people out there who think putting two slices of deli turkey between two pieces of bread equals an actual “sandwich.” The traditional American-style turkey sandwich comprises sliced roasted turkey with accompaniments such as cheese and vegetables placed inside bread or rolls.

Factors That Determine Carb Count

Now that we’ve established what makes up a proper turkey sandwich let us dive deeper into what determines its carb content.

Bread Choices

One massive influencing factor is bread choice. Some types of bread have more carbohydrates than others do. For example; white-bread has significantly higher carbohydrate values than multi-grain varieties/ I mean duh, right?

Extras: Cheese & Toppings

Another factor affecting our beloved snack’s carbohydrates total value encompasses other extras like condiments, cheese and veggies toppings add-ons it may contain: mayo (loaded with sugar), BBQ sauce(diabetes-inducingly sweet) , lettuce(leaves?)tomatoes(fruit?), cucumbers etc(Hopefully they don’t goose carby levels too much)

Calculating Carbohydrates In A Turkey Sandwich

Now comes the exciting part – math! It’ll help if we also figured out which food products comprised your ideal sarnie at this point so that using their nutritional info can append calculating rounds to derive accurate figures from pertinent tables available out there.


A three-ounce serving of roasted turkey typically contains 0g carbs, 13 grams protein, and 3g fat – depending on your choice of meat

Tables for nutritional values details can go here


Two ounce slice(57 g) of whole-grain bread has around
22 g carbs/10 fiber,
12 to 18 g net(carbs from the bread digestible)

White bread:
25 total carbs/1 gram fiber
24 Net Carbs

Tables for nutritional values details can go here

Cheese & Toppings

Addition of cheese slice will roughly increase carb levels by about increased. Amongst veggified releases sprinkling onion slices could amount to mere negligible effect while tomatoes practically may sometimes be forgotten in quotes “I do not care what my eatery friend told you” beefing up their presence even with only within few thin shreds.

Conclusions on How Many Carbs In A Turkey Sandwich

So let’s wrap it all up, folks! As you enjoy that delectable turkey sandwich experience next time (oh yeah wait, low-carb right?), always remember these key points to assist you:

  • Bread selections affect carbohydrate content; pick wisely!
  • Condiments/post-fixes add-ons increases calories thanks due its sugar-laden nature(your experience maybe more boring but hey better than diabetically enriched goodness teasing tastebuds ending in hospitalisations right?!)
  • Always check nutrition facts before consuming anything!

Well then, Happy Sandwicheering!

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