How many carbs does subway flatbread have?

Are you a health enthusiast trying to watch the carbs intake in your food but still want to enjoy some delicious fast food? Look no further because today we are going to explore how many carbs Subway flatbreads have. So, buckle up and let’s dive into this carb-filled journey!

Understanding Flatbreads

Before we go ahead and find out the number of carbs present in Subway flatbreads, it is essential for us first to understand what flatbread is.

A flatbread is a bread made without any yeast or raising agent. It usually has a relatively low price than most other baked goods. They come in various types such as Pita, Naan, Chapati, Tortilla and Focaccia – all with different shapes and sizes.

Flatbreads are often topped with meaty sauces or creamy cheese spread (my mouth is already watering just thinking about it). But before we go there lets keep our calories count on check by calculating how many carbs that thing actually contains!

The Most Popular Subway Flatbreads: A Comparison Table

First things first! Let’s start with taking an overview of Subway flatbreads and analyze their Carb content:

Type of Bread Serving Size Calories Total Fat(g) Sodium(mg) Carbohydrates(g)
[White] 6-inch 220 3 340 41
[Multigrain]l 6-inch _210 _2 _ 41
[Italian Herb & Cheese] Footlong

As can be seen from the table above both types contain almost the same amount of carbohydrates per serving size – which raises questions whether alternative options should also be considered if we want to lower our carb count.

Why Carbohydrates Matter?

Before we dive more into precise numbers like a geek let’s first understand why carbohydrates should matter in the first place.

Carbs are macronutrients found in food containing vitamins, fiber and minerals. They act as primary energy sources for your muscles, brain and other organs of the body. However, excessive intake of carbs may cause an unhealthy increase in weight , cholesterol levels or even lapses such as type 2 diabetes.

Thus it’s essential to carefully monitor your carbohydrate intake especially when eating out at fast-food restaurants.

Subway Flatbreads – Breakdown by Type

Now that you know about flatbread and why monitoring carbohydrates is important let’s break down each type of subway flatbread with their specific Carb contents per serving:

White Flatbread

The white bread is one of the most popular varieties in Subway franchise store; however, nutritionally speaking, it’s not so great! A single six-inch loaf has 41grams of carbs which can add up real quick!

If you happen to be on a low-carb diet plan, then going crust-free would work better because consuming two slices equals almost the same amount total daily recommended carbohydrate guidelines based upon a standard 2000-calorie meal plan.

A healthier alternative might be selecting wheat or keto-friendly options instead if available (whispering green!). Of course there are different filling choices which also need to be kept in mind while considering overall nutritional value (did someone say eat fresh?)


Subway multi grain bread (not affiliated with Kellogg’s cereals) ^(ha-ha)^ still contains approximately around ~45 grams of carbohydrate^^per-piece^^ (or sorry size) making it slightly less carb-heavy than regular white but still not ideal If eaten multiple times during day .

However it’s no doubt that life without grains could be depressing, thus you might want to keep this option on the back burner.

Please note: Multi-grain bread is not gluten-free; if someone from the team has allergy issues or medical conditions, do alert in advance or consider an alternative. I’m sure they don’t want any itching situations down there (You know what, just lets skip that).

Italian Herb & Cheese

A typical foot-long serving of subway’s Italian herb and cheese flatbread contains approximately ~94 grams of actual jewels — oh sorry! carbs again!

I mean seriously does anyone really need 94 grams of carb per meal? Go ahead eat it when rewarding yourself after a 10-mile run but in all honesty its nutritional value can make anyone shiver. We recommend avoiding this type altogether even though the name sounds so fancy and delish –

The Final Words

At last , now that we have covered carbohydrates’ generalized qualities as well their specific allotment quantity given by Subway breads… let’s break it down into bite-sized digestible formats:

• Avoid white unless life’s ultimate goal is Carb loading!

• Try substituting standard multigrain for keto-friendly options instead – whenever possible

• There are different filling options which also should take into account while considering overall nutritional values.

That’s our complete guide about how many carbs Subway flatbreads have; hope this article was informative enough for your taste buds (or maybe made you mildly hungry). Till next time always remember “Your Health Matters!”

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