How many calories in black coffee starbucks?

Are you trying to lose weight, but can’t give up your daily caffeine fix? Or perhaps you’re just curious about the caloric content of black coffee from Starbucks. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with all the information you need! Keep reading to find out how many calories are in a cup of black coffee from Starbucks.

What is Black Coffee?

Before we delve into calorie counts, let’s first define what black coffee actually is. It’s simply brewed coffee without any added milk or sugar – a classic go-to for those looking for a low-calorie beverage option.

A Cup of Joe: Average Caloric Content

According to the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), an 8-ounce cup of plain, drip-brewed black coffee contains only 2 calories on average. That’s almost negligible and should ease your calorie-counting worries when it comes to sipping on good old joe.

However, standing before that mesmerizing menu board at Starbucks leaves us easily confused as they offer flavors galore ranging from pumpkin spice lattes to salted caramel mochas – which are certainly less waist-friendly like our beloved plain jane brew.

But rest assured my dear keto friends; even though most specialty drinks served by Starbuck Ltd. contain more sugar than pixie stix stuck onto cotton candy straws — black brewed coffees do stand-out as wise options amidst such diabetes-waiting-to-happen indulgences found on their menu cards which change seasonally depending upon demand trends.

Lets Talk About Sizes

Sizes do not matter? In this case , yes they sure do!

Having said that an average size standard serving recommended by Starbucks itself is around 12 fluid ounces aka (0.36 liters close enough?), “tall,” offers only two calories while larger sized cups trickle under ten-average-mark although some upsized drinks may cause a calorie surge as the dosage of milk, sugar or additives rises in proportion to the size.

Sizes Number of Calories
Tall 2
Grande 5-10
Venti Revving Past Ten Mark

What About Other Additives?

Remember that one friend who ordered their caramel frappuccino with extra whipped cream even after revealing macronutrient intake calculations? The disturbingly high calorie content might not — nope, most definitely won’t surprise you since such empty sweeteners and additional toppings stir up the caloric count astronomically.

In this case, organic black coffees become our faithful companions once again because they have minimal-to-nil calorie additions; unless you go ahead and add half-an-ocean worth of flavor pumps at your own discretion!

Note: If we are discussing blended versions or mocha blends offered by Starbucks – then bear in mind! You should know what you’re ordering. For example:

  • A Venti Caramel Frappuccino contains between 402 and 654 calories, depending on whether it’s made with whole milk or nonfat milk.

## Drinking Black Coffee – Health Benefits According to Studies

Coffee has caffeine which is enough to get us off our beds early morning yet scientists keep coming up with more reasons for us ^to ^(steal coffee from co-workers). There are certain health benefits discovered recently link drinking coffee directly to these positivities:

1) Lowered risk of heart disease
2) Decreased chance of Type-II diabetes
3) Increases brain function when consumed in moderation.
4) Reduced Risk Of Death

Studies Show Moderate Consumption May Be Key To These Results

The catch here though is related to quantity – excessive consumption could result in disadvantages like blood pressure spikes et cetera. Believe it or not, plain brewed black coffee still could be a wise option since moderation is key in these scenarios.


In conclusion, an average cup of organic black coffee from Starbucks has only 2 caloric count and that too negligible enough to panic over! Although the larger sizes may come with more calorie intake; caffeine fanatics needn’t fret about attempting to calculate calories while rushing out the door before their booster shots. Remember moderation is key –- savor your espresso and stay healthy!

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