How many calories in a breakfast bagel?

Are you a breakfast person? Do you swear by the first meal of the day, nibbling on everything from pancakes and waffles to smoothies and muffins? Well, have you tried the breakfast bagel?

A toasted bagel with all your favorite toppings can be a delicious and nutritious way to start your morning. But how many calories are in this popular breakfast fare? Let’s find out!

What is a Breakfast Bagel?

Before we dive deep into the nutritional information about this baked good, let’s first establish what exactly constitutes a breakfast bagel.

Traditionally speaking, there isn’t necessarily anything different between a regular bagel and one designated for consumption at dawn. However, there are certain flavor combinations that tend to be more popular for morning noshing.

Some classic options include:

  • Everything Bagels with scallion cream cheese
  • Cinnamon Raisin Bagels with butter or jam
  • Sesame Seed Bagels with lox and onions

But regardless of what type of bread or spread you prefer, it’s important to know how many calories each slice contains.

Calories in Different Types of Breakfast Bagels

Unfortunately (or fortunately?), not all bagels were created equal when it comes to caloric content. While some may hover around 200 calories per serving size (about half a medium-sized loaf), others could contain over 400!

To help make sense of these various dietary dilemmas, we’ve compiled an easy-to-follow table below:

Type Calories
Plain 290
Whole Wheat 270
Everything 300
Egg 259

Based on this chart alone (which excludes any additional substances like cream cheese or avocado), plain-flavored pastries seem to pack quite the caloric punch. However, it’s worth noting that other kinds of bagels may contain more fat or carbohydrates.

How Bagel Ingredients Affect Calories

So why does the calorie count of a breakfastbagel change depending on its toppings? The answer is simple: butter, cream cheese, and even some strong cheeses can add a significant amount of calories to your carb-based meal.

Take for example, one serving (or 1 oz.) of cream cheese. This delicious dairy spread contains about 100 calories per ounce! Therefore, if you choose to smear just two ounces onto your morning bagel—that’s already an additional 200 cals you’ll need to tack onto your daily intake.

And what about bacon or sausage? Those savory pork products are full of fat and sodium that could launch your whole day off course if eaten in excess amounts early on.

But just because something tastes good doesn’t mean it needs to upend our diet entirely! Instead, consider using lower-fat spreads like hummus or Greek yogurt as alternatives to heavy options such as buttercream frosting.

Pro-tip: It could also be helpful to measure out the exact quantities or portions before layering them atop your toasted masterpiece. With a little bit effort put in beforehand,your stomach will thank you later by not overworking!


If you’ve ever asked yourself ‘How many calories in a breakfast bagel?’ then hopefully this article has been able bring clarity into how much damage life’s simplest pleasures can do!

While everyone’s dietary restrictions vary based on their habits and workouts routine; the important thing here is being mindful rather than completely avoiding carbs altogether- diet meals tend sound ‘soft’ but they’re usually expensive and not fulfilling at all 😀 So go ahead and enjoy that warm bread along with coffee without beating yourself up over having too many callories –as long as -mindfully 😁

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