How many calories in a 500ml can of beer?

Are you one of the brave and unafraid fellows that loves to chug down beer? Or maybe, you are someone who has just begun their journey towards exploring the delights of a cool brew. Either way, if you’re curious about how many calories go into that can of your favorite beer then hang tight, we have some interesting facts in store for you.

Why Calorie Count Matters

We know, most of us love our beer belly but folks, it is important to note that calorie count matters. If you are looking forward to staying healthy or lose weight but also want to indulge yourself every once in a while with an ice-cold pint then paying attention to the number of calories consumed is crucial.

What’s So Special About 500ml Cans?

Now 500ml cans might be unusual for many countries around the world, with their preference being focused on bottles however Europe and other parts do use them quite often as well. Regardless here at hand lies our coveted question – “How many calories does such cans contain?”

So let’s dive straight into each category without further ado!

Low-Calorie Beers

For all those out there who are always striving hard enough only granting themselves low caloric drinks need not fear anymore! Guess what? You can enjoy several glasses (or even one large mug) full of these delicious summer beers categorised under ‘Low-Calorie Beers’ section and still maintain your diet chart – Yeap it’s true! Here goes:

  • Coors Light: 102 calories
  • Budweiser Select: 99 Calories
  • Corona Premier :90 Calories

Not bad right?! One thing though these are exclusive examples from this category among different brands low-cal options will range between 70 – 100 approx.

Regular Full Flavour Canned Beer

Alright alright now moving onto the basic full flavor canned beers category. The one that we all love to have a round or two of on any casual Friday evening meet-up, but beware too much in this segment leads to them extra pounds creeping right back up!

  • Budweiser: An extremely popular beer brand boasting for its rich taste comes at you with an equally hearty amount of 207 calories per 500 ml can
  • Carlsberg: “Probably” the most famous lager in the world also graces us with it’s enjoyable flavours however be warned need how many rungs more on your treadmill..? It contains about 195 kcal per 500ml can, cheers!
  • Pabst Blue Ribbon: Best known as well as revered by college kids all over America does come at you with an intense calorie count – brace yourself Folks because every full tinny of goodness brings along a whopping amount of – 210 Calories


India Pale Ales, commonly referred to as IPA’s are taking over showers and parties tenaciously nowadays. Their distinctive hoppy and bitter taste made through the addition of concentrated hops is what makes it hard not to like em’

But what do they hold good health wise let’s see.

  1. Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA : Brimming with resinous juicy citrus flavors sweet aroma crisp finish goes down your throat effortlessly whilst standing tall against regular stuff weighing @ 238 Calories
  2. Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA : Which typically proves just itself worthy enough ( when poured out sharp) though drinking 198 calories from each can
  3. Brooklyn East India Pale Ale : Boasting complex floral aromas tropical bouquet smooth yet moderately dry texture has roughly less than others coming around @ 186-KC AL

Guinness Draught

Coming specifically to everyone’s favorite Irish drink GUINNESS DRAUGHT!

Trust me when I tell you something people who drink it are very serious about their drinks! Any change in the recipe is like blasphemy to them. It shows that we all collectively share an unconditional love for this velvety and chocolatey, heavenly drink with a tall creamy head.

But before you go on ordering another one here’s how much some of these canned goodness will cost:

  • Guinness Draught In Can :  169-KCAL !
  • Guinness Original Stout: 210 Calories

Some more Interesting Facts

Does ABV Really Affect Calorie Count?

Contrary to popular belief, alcohol by volume (ABV) really does not make your can have a higher calorie count than what it should or could hold..
Calories originate from carbohydrates and sugar obtained through the process of brewing resulting in slight changes in calories only due to minute differences traceable mainly between sugars, yeast content but let’s leave the science behind today shall we?!

Light Beer = Less Filling

Guess what guys they’re not lying! Combinations containing lesser or lighter ingredients originally were intended as alternatives for people watching their weights.

These days low carb or low-calorie options like Budweiser Select55 Miller64 do watch out for those keen on attempting weight hitting @just around 50 -60 calories per 500ml bottles/cans

Hoppy vs Malty

After IPA’s if there was a beer category ranking next most would vote “Malty” so why wouldn’t it be worth checking? Adding onto choosing personal preferences which taste better? Literally thousands counting me would choose something hoppy than my malty counterpart but hey everyone has got its own league right?

Let’s see :

  1. Pilsner Urquell.. aka father of lagers contains your groove at around approximately 153 Calories
  2. Sam Adams Boston Lager: Commonly referred as Cousin Eddie favorite restaurant serving up his “ dream beer ” rings up at 180 Kcal

High Alcohol Content Vs Calories

Any guesses yet? Which one generally wins up in the calorie war then? ABV’s are getting hiked these days incorporating rising popularity and more innovative systems to create a variety of beers widely imported from around the world to satisfy desires of an array of hardcore drinkers.

  • Fierce Beer Company & GWAR’s Ragnarok is 9.6% but still packs only 200 calories WOW…
  • Brewdog Hardcore IPA may be intensely flavoured with fruity undertones resting your fears high coming at you just under incredible @ 240-Calories-COUNTED!

To Summarize

With every following paragraph, we have covered most commonly liked genres that almost everyone indulges themselves into according to their preferred taste buds. With having mentioned various beer brands I hope now our reader will have some clarity regarding where their favorite canned beverage lies! But remember always read labels or use tracking apps for better monitoring.

Pro tip: If all’s while downing some pints keep on gnawing Curry partake yourself primarily in prepping it beforehand garnishing with ingredients channelizing a perfect brew night!

Remember the unwritten law – “drink responsibly” happy drinking folks 🙂

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