How many calories does jillian michaels killer abs burn?

If you’re looking to get a six-pack like Jillian Michaels, I have some news for you: it’s going to take more than just doing crunches. In fact, there are many factors that contribute to getting killer abs like hers, including diet and exercise routine.

But, one question remains unanswered: how many calories does working on your abs with exercises recommended by Jillian burn? This article will dive into the subject and give you an idea of what kind of calorie-burning potential these exercises have.

What Are Some of the Best Exercises Recommended by Jillian?

Before taking a closer look at the number of calories burned during each exercise, let’s first examine some of the best moves that can help strengthen your core muscles.

Bicycle Crunches

One popular ab workout is bicycle crunches. Not only do they activate multiple muscle groups in your core, but they also target your obliques –the muscles along either side of your rectus abdominis – helping to create those coveted ‘V-lines’.

To perform this move:

  1. Lie down on a mat with hands behind head
  2. Bring knees up toward chest and lift shoulder blades off ground
  3. Twist left elbow towards right knee while simultaneously extending left leg straight out.
  4. Switch sides

Repeat for 30 reps(aka minutes) or until you fall victim to exhaustion (whichever comes first). According to research from Harvard University Medical School ,a person weighing 150lbs typically burns about 234 calories per half-hour performing bicycle crunches .

Plank Jacks

Another great exercise is plank jacks- a combination move that incorporates both planks as well as jumping jacks-to engage both upper body strength and cardiovascular endurance essential for burning fat away!

Here’s how;

1.Lie face down on gymturf(floor)
2.Push yourself up into a plank position, looking like you’re about to do a push-up
3.Jump your legs out away from one another and back in quickly

Repeat for 30 seconds or until your killing it.

One round of this workout is estimated to burn around 14 calories depending on body weight.

Mountain Climbers

Finally let us not forget Mountain climbers-these ones require agility and speed- two things that will send your metabolism skyrocketing.

How? perform the following:

1.get yourself into plank position,
2.start by bringing right knee up towards chest
3.Return right leg while simultaneously raising left leg up towards chest.
4.continue alternating knees at high pace (from low to moderate)

Research shows that an individual weighing approximately 155 pounds can expect to burn between 400 -425 calorie per hour, provided they perform these moves consistently!

How Many Calories Does One Hour of Exercise Burn?

So what’s the bottom line: how many calories can you expect to burn doing a Jillian Michaels’ Ab workout?

Although there are several factors such as age, gender, intensity level; generally speaking if one indulges themselves fully into these exercises for an hour daily would cause them aproximately :

  • Bicycle Crunches=roughly burns around two hundred and forty-four(244)calories when performed full-on!
  • Plank Jacks=my personal rough approximation based on research puts Plank Jacks at roughly eighteen (18) cal burned/per minute. Therefore working vigorously (6 sets lasting 30 seconds each),can help you lose fourty-six(46)cals.
    -Mountain Climbers = An average person performing mountain climbers who weighs roughly about 80kg would lose overtwohundredfifty-seven(thanks maths!) kcal/hr.So you may want give ’em that extra push and add some weight or wear heavier clothing during winter seasons-lol!.

Bear in mind, however, that exercise alone is not enough to achieve a set of killer abs. Genetics aside; maintaining a healthy lifestyle through balanced meals and avoiding sugar-laden junk food is crucial for obtaining optimal results.

Some Final Thoughts

While it’s difficult to give you an exact number of calories burned in Jillian Michaels’ ab workout- the type ,duration,and intensity can all impact your overall caloric loss – what this article has shown is performing these moves helps strengthen cores as well as burn fat away.Essentially Allowing one looking awesomely toned and increasing strength gains simultaneously!
So .if killer abs are your end goal ,incorporating these workouts as part of your routine along with other compound exercises like squats and presses could be a comprehensive path in leading towards one impeccable physique!

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