How many calories are in a jello cup?

Jello cups are a popular snack that has been around since the 60s. They come in a variety of flavors such as strawberry, raspberry, lemon, and lime. Not only do they taste great, but they also have health benefits! But how many calories does one jello cup contain?

What is Jello?

Firstly, let’s define what jello really is. Jell-O is a brand name established by the Genesee Pure Food company to sell their gelatin dessert mixtures in 1897. Gelatin itself comprises collagen extracted from animal bones or connective tissues.

The Calorie Content

Now, coming back to the question at hand – how many calories are there in jello cups? It depends on which flavor you choose:

Flavor Calories per serving
Strawberry 80
Raspberry 75
Lemon-lime 90

As we can see above, each flavor has a different calorie content per serving size.

Serving Sizes

Furthermore,serving sizes for these little guys can vary wildly depending on both the packaging and your own personal preference!

  • If buying pre-packaged single servings directly from brands like Jell-o or Great Value (Walmart’s house-brand), all options carry roughly an entire cup of volume.
  • Homemade portions tend to be slightly greater: anywhere between three-fourths up to one full cup.
  • It comes packed with sugar and empty carbs alike though so – probably keep it smaller than larger sized servings if watching dietary intake carefully.

Still unclear about whether jelly counts towards your advisable caloric-intake level? Worry not!

Health Benefits

In addition to some fantastic flavors (read: very artificial) this nostalgic treat offers low calorific loads considering its capacity for being overwhelmingly sweet sensation-wise; along with additional glories below we’ve gathered together:

  • Gelatin (main ingredient) contains essential amino acids aiding skin, hair and nail rejuvenation!
  • As part of the dessert format it can also aid feelings of satisfaction after eating due to its easily digested nature.
  • Additionally, a University study in New Jersey actually found students to have vastly improved memory capacity within just weeks of consuming gelatin daily!

Please note all these benefits become overshadowed very quickly once you venture past the preppy single cup portions though. Keep it small kids.

Jello vs. Pudding

While both desserts are popular in their own right; jello and pudding differ greatly from each other when judged by nutrition/calorific impact measures:

Dessert Calories per serving
Chocolate Pudding 150
Vanilla Pudding 130

As highlighted above most any variant of pudding carries more caloric content in comparison – often up to double what even larger sizes of jelly admittedly contain too.

All this being said however, who can deny they don’t deserve one or two treats every so often? Just remember..everything’s good if consumed within limits!


In summary, jello cups come with comparatively low calories per serving size than many rivals on the shelves. Whilst not necessarily filled with requisite nutritious elements truly, they could still offer periodic health advantages making them a capable addition into your dietary plan(nings).

So next time you crave for something sweet consider reaching out for that nostalgic jiggly flavored snack – but do provide yourself some much-needed dosage control before delving headway into empty sugary territory!

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