How many bottles does a newborn drink a day?

Ah, the joys of parenthood! You finally have your bundle of joy and now you’re wondering just how much they’ll be guzzling down in one day. So grab yourself a cuppa, take a seat and let’s dive into answering that age-old question – “How many bottles does a newborn drink in a day?”.

The first few weeks

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? Your little one has arrived and is busily settling into its new surroundings. It may seem like all they do is sleep but trust us when we say that will soon change! You’ll notice early on that your baby drinks very small amounts throughout the day; typically around 1-2 ounces per feed.

Spread it out

Topping up every hour or two with those tiny doses might seem tiring but remember; building up their appetite gradually helps to prevent overfeeding which can cause painful gas for babe (and an irritable disposition for everyone else!).

But what about during the night?

Newborns aren’t really capable of sleeping through the night yet so expect to be woken up by incessant cries demanding food as often as every 2-3 hours. At this point, offering breastmilk or formula milk in between periods of rest should quell most hunger pangs before long.

Just remember:

All babies are different – some may only want short feeds while others prefer longer ones further apart. Rest assured though: within time your bubba will settle into their preferred feeding routine thanks to trial & error/experimentation on both parts!

A month old already!

Fast forward to four weeks past birthdate – chances are over this period you’ll’ve noticed quite an increase in consumption along with frequency too-those wee bellies fill quickly these days eh?! On average parents might offer our little ones around 3-4 ounces of milk per feed, every two to three hours.

What about solids?

It’s too early for solid food just yet although formula manufacturers might market variations to suit young ones. Our advice? Stick to breastmilk/formula entirely as this nasty experiment can wait!

The second and third month

We’re steadily approaching the mark of having survived the first quarter! Badges all round, folks. Around months two & three you’ll continue offering baby between 3-5 ounces per feed throughout daytimes but on average babies are likely only waking once maybe twice during overnights needing fed which (praise be!) often leads back into long sleeps right after.

It’s important not to force them

Don’t worry if they reject whole feeds or ask for less than expected – it could be a sign that tiny tums need extra time adjusting after growth spurts. Just keep paying attention to your little one’s signals and respond accordingly by easing up yourself pace-wise while they find their footing again.

Burp breaks

If your bambino is struggling with colicky symptoms or suffering from wind/gas issues/ease harsh burps – try incorporating regular burping positions within feeds/later before bedding down altogether for peace of mind better off-/sleep quality/

Months four-six: weaning stage whisperings!

By now most moms will have tackled several mood swings thanks mainly due to hormonal surges whilst bleeding finishing up post-partum so amid all else progressing positively/as baby begins sleeping through nights more consistently/notably/you may start thinking about next steps in terms of weaning onto more solid foods at six months old

In terms of bottle feeding meals? You’ll still probably offer anywhere between 4-6ozs each time bubba gets hungry plus routine transitional daytime snacking amounts too.

On call tips:

Remember; newborns like variety just as much as anyone. Try alternating several formula brands to discover which suits your baby’s taste buds best – or breastmilk directly depending on preference.

Weaning SOS

It’ll be something you’re thinking about earlier than later but please don’t rush the process or feel down if bubba seems less interested in solids just yet– a couple spoonfuls here or there at this point is actually plenty!


So that’s answered our initial question of “How many bottles does a newborn drink in a day?” Though we’ve offered somewhat broad/vague benchmarks for new parents, it’s worth noting no two babies are identical therefore this has been an approximate average per age bracket while growth spurting/habit forming behaviours take place. Ultimately, your little one will lead the way with what works best for their specific bodily requirements and “delectable” milk preferences…Cheers!