How many bones do you have in your face?

Are you curious about how many bones make up the fabulous structure that is your face? Congratulations, because today we’ll be diving into the world of human anatomy to answer this question for you. Strap in tight and prepare to get bone-deep learning.

Background Information

Before getting started on our number counting expedition, let’s take a moment to discuss some basic facts about facial bones.

Firstly, it’s essential to understand that while humans vary slightly from person-to-person regarding the finer intricacies of facial bone structure (think genetics), all individuals possess the same number of cranial and facial bones.

Secondly, some are more fragile than others – anyone who has ever experienced a broken cheekbone will attest to this fact.

Thirdly, these smaller skeletal structures should not be overlooked! They play an incredibly crucial role in providing support and shape for several important aspects like vision and chewing capabilities.

The exception being ethnic variation. Some people groups may have additional or fewer cranial-facial bones depending on their ancestry.

Alright Let’s Count Up Those Bones!

Without further ado: drum roll please- You my dear reader; Yup just saying ‘you’ casually without any context!. Hmm…What was I going again?

Oh yes right! We apologize for such unprofessionalism; anyway let us count up those precious facial beauties starting with:

The Cranium

The cranium houses and protects the brain,No-brainers here(haha)., but did you know there are eight different fissures located within its structure? Cool right? What makes it even cooler is that seven different plates create varied shape skulls which eventually fuse together during infancy giving rise to unique headshapes across individuals.


This upper jaw bone supports teeth (maxillary teeth) on either side which isn’t impressive until one realizes babies can’t chew solid foods without them! Did I just see your response? Ah, yes.

Palatine Bone

The palatine bone constitutes one of the three jaw bones and forms the posterior part of our mouth’s hard palate. Told you these small players are mighty in function!

Lacrimal Bones

Lacrimal… what now? Who named this bone?! The lacrimal bones form a portion of each tract responsible for producing tears that keep our eyes lubricated – how sweet is that?

Nasal Bones

Here we have the two nasal bones located at the midline and making up an angle between themselves called “nasal bridge”. They aren’t strong enough to withstand any real hit though so let’s hope no-one punches us in the nose anytime soon.


Ye ole’ trusty mandible, where would we be without it eh? It attaches through muscles on either side to support/lower our lower jaw movements like opening+closing mouth or chewing (mastication) among other things.

Inferior nasal conchae

Don’t let this little guy fool ya; despite being minuscule, its scroll-like shape helps warm/humidify air before it slips into lungs.


Well readers, There you have it- move over Number 23 stop hogging all attention with your greatness! Facial bones may not make headlines as much as their larger brethren out there hanging around ribs & femurs but they serve their role nonetheless.
So next time when someone puts up a beautiful smile , you know who deserves some credit aside from those dazzling white teeth!

Cheers for staying put till here phew, that was quite something wasn’t it;)

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