How long to stay in ella?

Are you trying to plan your Sri Lankan holiday or are you already on it and wondering how long to stay in the hill country town of Ella? Well, look no further (oops) because we have got all the information that you need.

Ella is a small town located near Badulla in Sri Lanka’s Uva Province. It is famous for its tea plantations, waterfalls, hikes and incredible views. The tiny town has become popular with backpackers and tourists alike due to its laid-back vibe, low prices, stunning scenery and plenty of things to do around the area.

Why Visit Ella?

Before we dive into how long would be ideal time to waste (oh wait) spend in Ella, let’s talk about why one should even visit there (like seriously dude).

Tea Plantations

If you’re a fan of tea (which I hope most people are), then this place must be on your list because some of the best tea plantations surround Ella.

The Halpewatte Tea Factory not only offers an insightful tour but also allows visitors learn how fresh tea leaves turn into beverage-worthy brews along with enabling them taste 6-7 varieties (we know happy tears will follow)!


One waterfall isn’t enough for this little piece o’ paradise! You can explore 3 major falls – Ravana Falls, presenting ‘lost love’, ‘Bambaragama Falls’, emanating pure bliss while ‘Diyaluma Falls’, standing tall at over 220 metres maintains breathtaking zeal since inception what eons ago…


Thinking counting ceiling cracks from insomnia could’ve been more appealing until now? Trust us (just like parents used to say)… Because unlike siblings- these hikes won’t leave bruises! With tours ranging from beginner level to advanced enthusiasts; Adisham Monastic Complex Hike, Demodara Loop and Little Adams Peak are Ella’s if-not-‘only’ then certainly the ‘best’ hikes to revel walking amidst stupendous valleys.


To provide sustenance during all that sightseeing is always crucial; and thanks to culinary twists & tweaks embedded deep into this town’s roots (What were they thinking?! Add diced buffaloes’ milk here?!) You shall never experience a bland moment or meal at restaurants such as Matey Hut, AK Ristoro & Café Chill!

So How Long Should You Stay in Ella?

This topic isn’t exactly tackling the great mysteries of life – but more an indicator towards ‘the greater girl/boy group party split debate’. However, we’ve got our own list of recommendations (wink)!

Number of Days What can you do
1 Day Visit one/more waterfalls or hike ‘Little Adam’s Peak’.
2 Days Two waterfall visits along with hiking expeditions.
3 Days Three days will allow you experiences all mentioned above.
4+Days Depending upon your stamina: explore nearby towns/cities too!

Nowadays individuals tend to squeeze everything in their itinerary hellbent on showcasing social media whilst neglecting relishing the essence of travel (Ahh Instagram!!).

Whilst exploring other parts like Kandy, Adams peak, Horton Plains etc. sound appealing remember Rome wasn’t built-in-a-day nor should our traveling itineraries resemble donut timespans just like [drumrolls] nobody does Breakfast only once/twice week… So open yourself up by fully immersing in any place whether it be sipping local tea blend while sitting under a tree hoarding bird droppings (or not!) or chatting with locals albeit cracking silly jokes which can’t be translated!

Few tips before you leave:

  • While the weather is cooler than elsewhere in Sri Lanka, bring light clothing for comfortable hikes!
  • Wake up early to avoid crowds and enjoy destinations.
  • Make sure to pack insect repellent too!
  • Book accommodation ahead of time to secure a relaxed vacation experience.

We hope this article helped you plan your Ella adventure without spoiling too much fun (wink wink)! Enjoy the serene mountain views, sip some tea, soak in waterfalls and above all have an inexpensive yet memorable trip!!

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