How long to heal from break up?

Breaking up is hard to do, as the song goes. And it’s something that nobody looks forward to, regardless of who initiated the split. Whether you’re the dumper, or more unfortunately, the dumpee, breakups can take a toll on our emotional and mental well-being. It’s just one of those things that comes with being human.

If you’ve recently gone through a breakup or are currently going through one, wondering how long it will take for you to pick up the pieces and move on is an entirely normal question to ask. Unfortunately (or fortunately), the answer may not be a straightforward one – because there are certainly multiple factors at play in how quickly (or slowly) we heal from heartbreaks.

In this article, we’ll discuss what those factors might be and come up with some ideas for promoting healing in your own life – so let’s dive into it.

Factors Affecting Healing Time

While no two people experience breakups exactly alike (thank goodness for small favors) – here are a few unique considerations worthy of mention when thinking about healing times from breaking up:

Length of Relationship

How long were you in said relationship? Was it weeks? Months? Years?! That time frame alone can have implications for how much grieving needs doing post-split (especially if one person feels differently than another about ending things) .

Level Of Attachment

Emotional attachment runs deeps; therefore loss related to severing ties can lead us down an entirely new path – fasten your seatbelt folks! Did you spend all day texting each other constantly (yes I’m guilty too) How often would he/she sleep over? Did y’all even talk about moving in together?

The greater degree of emotional attachment means more mourning must follow before feeling like yourself again…and by your self…we mean confidently single #livingmybestlife

Reason for Breakup

Let’s face it – all breakups stink, but the way in which a relationship ends can affect grieving processes. Did someone cheat? Was the breakup mutual or one-sided (May be he was just not into you anymore?) All are variables that play a role in our healing time frame.

Support System

We all need loving and compassionate friends/family to lean on when we’re experiencing heartbreak. (cue #Atruefriendisthebestthingyoueverhad). However, having said that “Misery loves company” isn’t something I endorse – because let’s keep things positive.

However venting about your sorrow with a sympathizing party is healthy; isolation during this time is stressful making matters worse! You may find going through old photos/ texting/chatting (Oh come on! ) with other single people could speed up recovery from an otherwise difficult situation.

Tips For Healing From BreakUp

Now that we’ve sorted these factors out and identified them as part of our personal healing process (because who wants to drag their feet for ages) , let’s focus on some tips we could utilize to get over those emotional hurdles:

Get Closure

Getting closure after any break-up can be challenging BUT it assists with moving forward positively; especially if forgiving yourself and others takes priority before bitterness swallows you whole!

Say what needs saying…unless your urge would rather wait until they write another hit song- then go ahead queue Adele (I’m teasing folks) speaking honestly though sharing how you feel will encourage comfort at acceptance phase providing amicable space for personal growth .

Remove Triggers

Certain songs/photos/items carry sentiments and memories relevant while previously involved romantically. Just by seeing them around takes us down memory lane therefore hindering progress in severing mental ties so clear any reminders within reach!

Follow your instinct: whether its ‘keep’ or ‘toss’, ask yourself “Does it serve me in any way?” As the old saying goes -‘Out of sight, out of mind’.

Seek Support From Friends/Family

Don’t suffer alone- humans are social creatures and as mentioned earlier, we need people to cheer us up when feeling down! #yougottaloveyourteam

Having an ear/shoulder is crucial but avoid those that enable bad habits such as binge drinking/eating. Bottom line: surround yourself with GOOD VIBES ONLY.

Keep Busy

Although tempting to stay curled up in a ball watching sappy movies (cue sad violin music) ,that isn’t productive nor great for one’s mental health . Time waits for no one…so while time does its healing magic keep busy!!

Consider taking on new activities/hobbies; volunteering (helping others will make you feel good) Go hiking/biking…or find random strangers to dance Ballet routines on sidewalks together (Okay maybe not…but embrace your inner personality).

The Verdict

No two breakups or individuals are same therefore can’t be expected outcomes (at least there’s no blueprint for this) However, whether immersed fully in wine/chocolate comfort zone or eyes peeled open wide whisking over every other theory thats ever existed – remember these tried-and-true tips!

Healing from heartbreak will never happen overnight – so patience will be required for successful end game…and who knows…it may surprise you how strong (mentally) such situations have made you yet far better equipped with personal expression and compassion through probable future relationships.

To close: whichever path chosen moving forward during the healing process post-split, know that experience won’t be permanent…the ladies should remind themselves “we attract what we exude” (“beauty comes from within”)…& guys…..Happy Healing!