How long to cook italian sausage patties on grill?

Want to have a mouth-watering flavor of sizzling hot italian sausage patties from your backyard grill? I mean, who wouldn’t? The aroma spreading through your neighborhood can turn heads and make someone immediately come over with a plate in hand. But wait…how long do you grill those little juicy meaty patties so that they are ready for you and everyone else on the table?

Fear not my friends! In this article, we will deep-dive into the secret art of grilling Italian sausage patties using our hilarious analogy, so that you can master it like a pro.

A Quick Introduction To The Peculiar Taste Of Italian Sausage Patties

If you’re intrigued by Italian sausages’ unique taste, then let’s get familiar with it. This peculiar taste arises because these sausages contain fennel seeds (Foeniculum vulgare), which give them an impressive aroma without being overpowering (because no one likes overwhelming aromas). It also contains distinct spices mixtures commonly used in Italy such as red pepper flakes (Capsicum annuum), garlic (Allium sativum) etc.

Thus, preparing the perfect grilled patty is essential!

Preparing The Patty Before Grilling

Before throwing any patty onto the grill for cooking , there are certain guidelines you need to follow:

  • First off – if frozen take out of freezer and allow time for thawing
  • Give them some love by piercing holes or scoring flat sides with knife; allows better grilling experience
    1. Holes give space from expansion allowing meat inside to cook evenly
    2. Scoring flattens out surface area giving larger contact point reducing curling effect when cooked
  • If desired add salt flavours up front otherwise leaving till after cooking stops the juices continuing to drip out
  • Preheat your grill and oil it lightly with some vegetable oil so those beauties don’t stick

Keep these tips under head starting to Grill.

The Ideal Time for Grilling Italian Sausage Patties

Many people make mistakes by either grilling their patties too little or too much, leaving them dry and unpalatable (What a disaster!).

So how long should you grill your Italian sausage patty? Let’s start measuring time!

Type of Patty Grilling Time
Ground Pork Italian Patty (1/3 pound) 6-8 minutes per side; total 12-16 minutes

But wait…there is still more!

Instead of relying on approximation, it’s always best to use a meat thermometer!

The safest internal temperature varies among different types of sausages but the United States Department of Agriculture recommends that cooked pork products reach an internal temperature of at least 145°F (62°C) whereas ground pork reaches up to 160°F (71°C). Thus inserting the thermometer into thickest part needs over reaching specific temp for longer lasting hygiene levels.

Tips To Ensure A Juicy & Deliciously Perfect Sausage Patty:

As we said before the right amount goes long ways here are few tips which will be useful in achieving perfect scrumptiousness!

Watch The Grate Height:

This change does not actually affect cook times, but changing your grate height can alter the time it takes to cook your meal. (Not rocket-science) So keep watchful eye when choosing where exactly Overhead BBQ hangs its hat adjusting heat specifically meant for given scenario like how high smoke production affects flavour profile (note section below)

Don’t Bust Those Babies Too Much:

It might seem righteous fun bursting bubbles/splattering grease resulting in funky smells but folks let me assure you….this ain’t the way. Stabbing those patties repeatedly will only allow juice to seep out resulting in tasteless meal (sob!)

Turn The Meat At Least Once:

We all love that scrumptious grill marking (don’t we?), but you don’t have to rotate your meat like a rotisserie chicken/gyro (unless it’s’if souvlaki). Turning once is enough and will prevent overcooking (Less work on end as well 🎉)

Keep A Close Eye On ‘Em:

This point is pretty much self-explanatory, isn’t it? No one wants burnt sausages – this would result in tears of frustration while watching your meal go up in flames.

Wood Smoke Profile Differences

As mentioned before, you want to keep smoke value changes under consideration which helps achieve flavourful Experience rather than overwhelming for tongue. Here are little pointers:

  • Pecanwood gives more balanced sweetness
  • Applewood presents tangy aftertaste with subtle sweeter hits.
  • Hickory just balances between robustness without being open
    1. Cherry brings that mild fruity undertone minus citrusy tastes from apple/citrus woods
    2. Alder lightener stronger meats complemented neutral taster palettes avoiding overpowering smoke dosages

Err on side of caution whilst experimenting with different wood approaches allow rare occasions for creativity otherwise using these guidelines ensure savouriness

Cleaning Up After Cooking Time Is Over

No one likes cleaning up greasy surface aftermath be sure giving thorough scrubbing afterward cooking session preferably replacing grilling rack immediately guaranteed get rid leftover debris n’ fat adding unwanted smells even bacteria clinging post cooking existence…

And there you have it folks…the ultimate guide on how long to cook Italian sausage patties on the BBQ grill!

So, fire up your grills, throw some good ol’ Italian sausage patties on that thing and voila….you will have an enviable looking dish with authentic taste to go along.

You are now a grill master. You’re welcome! 😉

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