How long should you be on the elliptical?

The elliptical machine at the gym is like that annoying neighbor you can’t get rid of. It’s always there, hogging your time and space, and never leaves you alone. But as much as we might hate it, the truth is that it can be a fantastic way to get in shape – if used correctly.

So how long should you be on the elliptical? The answer may surprise you. In this article, we’ll dive into all things elliptical and give you tips and tricks so that next time you step onto that machine, you are in control.

Why Use an Elliptical?

Before we talk about duration, let’s first establish why should use an elliptical in your workout routine.

  1. Low impact: Unlike running or jumping exercises, using an elliptical puts less stress on your joints.
  2. Work multiple muscle groups: Your legs (including glutes), core muscles (abdominals) and upper body (arms/back) will all see some action on this cardio machine.
  3. Improves cardiovascular health: Like most aerobic exercise machines, spending time on an elliptenal increases overall heart health which has many benefits including increasing lung capacity over making breathing easy during other sports activities
  4. Burn calories: That once monotonous activity turns out to help us burn ~300-400~ kcal per hour -sweet!

If these reasons aren’t enough for motivation points then I don’t know what could make anyone interested!

Next up is knowing when to throw those shoes off for some quality miles spent with ‘Eddy Daily’.

How Long Is Too Long

We’re glad you asked because… Let’s rippery-dip right into understanding here


For someone who recently started exercising regularly and loads themselves like they’re ready for battle royale while playing ‘Eddy Daily,’ it is better to start with 15 minutes of actually working out (not texting, lady). Gradually work on increasing this time as we feel confident and more comfortable spending some good vibes at that elliptical. And don’t forget to take breaks because, just like those celebrity gossips and daily feeds on insta…too much of anything is not healthy!


If you are Beyoncé-level fit but prefer dancing over functional fitness (honey please…) tend for at least 40-45 min per workout routine including the glory moves of break-dancing with Eddy keeping a keen watch over your cool moves.

Elite Players:

For professional athletes who have machines installed under their blankets, they obviously can do what they want but still need to follow football’s one objective …i.e., “go hard or go home!” So why not push limits and… Let’s grace its presence with utmost power and stamina for an hour every day.

But wait!

Before jumping onto a nonstop journey with ‘Eddy Daily’ every day let me toss around some friendly advice first.

Avoid Burnout

Nowadays competition in everything is sky high – whether it’s scoring higher grades or running marathons faster than anyone else – our society loves being number one. It even extends to exercise regimens where people assume that the longer they spend doing cardio exercises daily/ weekly/monthly/yearly will help improve overall health faster.
Short answer: wrong.

This kind of mentality could lead towards burnout – both physically and mentally which may seem great initially until realizes getting off the machine after months never gave them feeling satisfied about themselves; sounds relatable? Yeah been there done that! Find yourself alternating between different types of workouts throughout the week so that our body won’t grow accustomed/bored/demotivated from familiar routines hence improving endurance levels.

Listen to Your Body

Your body is like a plant, it can wilt if an appropriate schedule or treatment program isn’t followed to keep it fresh. Training too frequently might lead towards injuries and not allowing enough time for recovery on the other side of this physical toll leading towards impaired functionality. Listen to your body when working out; if feeling tired then try combining workouts with rest sessions. Underneath all those words, we’re asking you politely to avoid risking any form of injury such as shin splits!

Mix It Up

Monotony brings boredom so mix up that routine often! Perhaps add HIIT plans in between where instead of just purely doing cardio exercises change into active intervals. A workout playlist full of high tempo beats could also bring motivation during those grueling platform wears!

Tips for Making The Most Of Your Time On The Elliptical:

Ok great you’ve decided- ‘I’ll give Eddy Daily another chance’ – but before starting here are few tips:

Mind Your Posture/Focus

Make sure posture stays upright!!!! And focus on limb movements – this will help train muscles effectively by promoting alignment between muscle groups which avoids causing improper growth/strain-causing resistance

Challenge Yourself To Go Further

Just because we aren’t professional athletes doesn’t mean we can’t push ourselves further each day whilst still having fun (voiceover: ‘Go You!!’)!
Try increasing resistance along with incline levels gradually during weekly/monthly basis until hitting 80% max thereby testing one’s overall endurance level.

Don’t Stay Put

Would anyone bite after eating from same dish every day? Nor does our mind stay switched in trying similar moves which could result in lowering ones confidence… So change location around gym area wearing different attire:

Don these simple yet elegant points next time with Eddy Daily keeping meticulous track over cool changes 😉 while enjoying satisfying results without becoming bored and burnt out.

The elliptical machine, once the object of much scorn, can be a great way to improve your fitness levels. With these tips, we hope you feel confident enough about getting on there and gettin’ that leg burn in no time!

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