How long is mac lipstick good for?

If there’s one thing we all love, it’s lipstick. And if there’s one brand we can’t get enough of, it’s MAC Cosmetics. But how long is mac lipstick good for? This may seem like a simple question, but the answer might surprise you.

What Makes Mac Lipstick Different?

Before diving into the lifespan of MAC lipsticks, let’s first discuss what makes these lipsticks so special. MAC has become a well-known brand in the beauty industry because of its quality products that cater to different skin tones and types.

MAC lipsticks are known for their pigmentation, lasting power and overall luxurious feel when worn on the lips. They come in various shades ranging from bold reds to soft pinks – perfect for any occasion or mood change.

But what sets them apart from other lipstick brands? It’s their unique formula blend that provides moisture while delivering intense color saturation that lasts throughout your day (so you don’t have to touch up every 5 minutes).

Shelf Life: When Should You Toss Them

Now onto our burning question – how long does Mac Lipstick last? Here’s everything you need to know:

Smell Test

First things first – give your trusted tube a “smell test”. If it smells weirdly off-putting or/ unusual (like gone-bad), chances are it has reached its expiry date!

The Expiry Date

The shelf life expectancy for most normal size MAC lipsticks ranges between two to three years from production batch codes stamped besides each product typically represented by alphanumeric characters such as ‘ A01’ – this lets you know approximately at which period they were manufactured alongside being placed on retail shelves (A note here; newer manufacturing dates tend to indicate fresher formulations with higher potency potential)

It’s important to remember that although some people may use past due lipsticks it’s not recommended for health reasons! Nobody wants an unwanted bacterial infection on their lips from expired lippie.

How to Store Your Lipstick

Storage is also crucial in prolonging your favorite shades making them last longer.

For starters, avoid exposing your MAC lipsticks to direct sunlight, heat and humidity as this makes the entire process of aging even worse –and no one wants that!

Next off keep them stored upright or better still slant gently, so they don’t detach from the base (a common occurrence when excessively tilted) which can make lipstick removal be difficult.

Lastly, maintain a cool space environment with moisture control systems or simply store in a compartment where there is wall contact, and air flow is minimum—that way you’re sure it’s well-preserved without contamination by external elements like dust!

Signs That your Mac Lipstick Has Gone Bad

Aside from checking the manufacturing date codes stamped on each product batch to know its shelf life expectancy(as mentioned above); It’s important always to look out for some signs showcased over time that indicate they have passed expiration dates:

Texture Changes

When you start noticing changes in texture- either overly dry/runny/watery/oily (consistency deviations), this indicates imminent spoilage.

An additional tell-tale sign involving color alterations displaying unusual discolorations that differ markedly from standard hues

Broken/Worn out Casings/ Tubes Capabilities

Sometimes we buy them in haste toss ’em around like they’re worthless OR drop our vanity bags carrying treasured tubes several times; experiences such accidents can bring about dislocation/misalignment within inner mechanisms- rendering closures ineffective upon application causing unsightly smudged makeup mishaps. Discard immediately!

So irrespective of how much beauty goodness remains concealed within respective plastic casings, broken/tampered ones are typically likely harboring harmful bacteria capable of negative effects while applying.

How to Make Your Lipstick Last Longer

Now that we know the lifespan of our beloved mac lipsticks and how to tell they’ve gone bad, let’s discuss some tips on how you can make your lipstick last longer and get the most out of your products.

Exfoliate Lips

Before applying any lipstick, ensure healthy lips by exfoliating gently using natural sugar-based scrubs combined with conditioning oils –this helps create a smooth base which traps moisturizers better for prolonged-lasting applications!

Layering trick

Another way in which you can extend longevity is by thinly layering Powder over your applied shade – this enhances retention as well as keeping it intact following consumption of drinks or snacks! Apply one coat (matte if possible) then use sheer power next off.

Invest in a primer!

Primers help prevent edges/clusters creating friction against each other subsequently eradicating smudging experiences enabling sticking capabilities

Water proof lip liner/pencil tip:

Lining lips before application creates an outline effective at stopping color bleed from occurring beyond borders plus water-proof formulations prove less susceptible to flake formation whenever weather is dampish or humid.

Another neat hack involves opting- like mothers do-for earthy/natural shades such cinnamon-pink paying attention not only covers all flaws but also glows up complexion giving sophisticated spa-like appeal!

Final thoughts

No doubt MAC lipsticks are worth every dime invested but knowing how long can be confusing; always pay attention (sniff them too) ensuring great investment goals decision-making assuring maximum usage without infection risks while sporting enviable tints matching/ portraying personalities & moods matter – looking good really does begin with feeling good inside