How long has pregabalin been on the market?

Have you ever wondered how long pregabalin has been on the market? Well, look no further because I am here to enlighten you with a funny tale that includes crazy scientists, shady CEOs, and of course some legal battles.

The Creation of Pregabalin

It all began in the early 1990s when a group of scientist geniuses decided that they wanted to come up with something revolutionary – pregabalin. They hoped it would help patients who are suffering from epilepsy or nerve pain. After years of research and sleepless nights spent experimenting in their labs, they finally had a breakthrough!

The First Trials…What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

With much excitement and fanfare brewing around this ‘miracle drug’ dubbed as Lyrica; eager volunteers signed up for trials. Participants were injected with various doses ranging from mild to extreme levels (all done without harming any animals!). While there was initial euphoria among researchers at what seemed like significant positive results which boast better motor coordination & power in treating patients than existing drugs…little did anyone know about what will happen next…

Shady CEOs enter Stage Right

After conducting many successful tests using humans rather than lab rats for data collection (which is kind of impressive), our genius scientists knew they had stumbled upon something massive! However, once business big shots got wind of this new wonder drug invention – things started moving quickly.

A case race ensued where several pharma executives compete fiercely amongst themselves only caring about filling their pockets while demonstrating little concern for patient safety/ethics involved during human testing phases (SCANDALOUS!)

A Double-Blind Dilemma Approaches!!!

Soon enough, clinical trials did not go quite according to plan when participants experienced trouble breathing and even shortness-of-life-threatening angina signs(!) which resulted in many unhappy volunteers. Once humongous patient safety violations charges led to legal battles and huge lawsuits filed against the company. Still, nothing was going to stop these greedy CEOs from getting their hands on a potentially game-changing drug.

The legal Struggle for Turf

After all the turmoil of the previous trials, it was time for regulatory approval! It seemed like they were finally in sight with only one more hurdle left but alas–more snafus occurred as competing firms challenged Lyrica’s patent Dramatic gasp

The situation got so heated that some insiders even claimed espionage tactics and sabotage occurrences by rival companies attempting forcefully beneficial takeover…BIZARRE

It took months (read years) of fighting tooth & nail between pharma giants before pregabalin hit store shelves worldwide – leading us up until current times where we can now purchase it at our leisure.

Have You Tried Pregabalin?

If you have gone through any form of nerve-related pain or anxiety problems, there’s a very high probability that someone has advised you to try pregabalin, maybe even your doctor? For those who may be wondering what exactly is ‘pregabalins,’ let me break it down better:

Pregabalin is an anticonvulsant drug. This means that its primary use helps treat seizures caused due to epilepsy and neuropathic pain disorders such as fibromyalgia or diabetic neuropathy with functioning issues where signals from brain nerves misfire leading chronic disturbances physical/psychological alike.

Okay hold on…I know this sounds awfully boring & quite frankly-it is!,) Instead-let me pitch this new medication I’ve come across called – Squirrelolamine, which boosts energy levels, improves cognitive functions & cures hormonal imbalances within squirrels.(patent pending!) Need I say more?


So there you have it folks! A funny & theatrical journey of pregabalin- from its conception to the existing market.

Let its bizarre tale be an inspiration that even in this world where insatiable greed/good intentions can lead astray…Innovation and proper channeling by using data-driven scientific method eventually win, sometimes, coming with costs of human suffering.

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