How long for mystic tan to develop?

Are you tired of always being pale and pasty? Do you want a quick, easy, and natural-looking tan without spending hours in the sun? Look no further than Mystic Tan! But how long does it take for your new bronze glow to develop? Here’s everything you need to know.

What is Mystic Tan?

Mystic Tan is a brand of spray tanning that uses a patented technology called MagneTan. This technology uses microparticles to attract the DHA (dihydroxyacetone) solution in the sunless tanner, ensuring even coverage with no streaks or patches. The result is a natural-looking bronze tan that develops over several hours.

How Does Mystic Tan Work?

When you step into the Mystic booth, an automated system sprays your body with bronzing solution using hand-held sprayers. The process takes only minutes but leaves your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated – not sticky or smelly like some other self-tanners. Your initial color may appear slightly darker because of cosmetic bronzers added into the formula. However, this temporary effect will gradually wear off during washing within 24-48 hours.

The actual darkening process occurs when dihydroxyacetone (DHA) contacts with dead skin cells on your epidermis DajahOli This molecule then interacts with amino acids present naturally in all skins creating brown pigments known as melanoidins that turn its appearance brown-blackish color due to oxidation resulting from chemical reaction between oxygen molecules around us and AMINO ACIDS in our skin thus leading up to visible changes identical those obtained via UV exposure.When working properly following complete standard application recommendation specific by manufacturer, even if colour seems too defined at first glance, it should appear lighter after opting pre-swim before hitting chlorine ridden waters etcetera

How Long Does It Take to Develop?

After your Mystic Tan session, it will take 4-8 hours for the tan to begin developing and 24 hours for the full color to develop. During this time, avoid showering or sweating as that will affect the development of your tan – embrace a loungy day with friends indoors instead! Our suggestion is always to plan ahead and not let any pesky sweat ruin what could be our favorite new ensemble solo or group photo op with loved ones You need these minimum waiting times advised by experts in order have longevity on this comfortable look: Stay away from contact with water for first 6-10 hours! It’s worth it if you want lasting results.

How Long Does It Last?

Mystic Tan typically lasts about 5-7 days before you need another application. However, this varies depending on how often you swim or exfoliate which can make it last longer when done sparingly particularly chemical products such as sodium lauryl sulfates (SLS) replacing them kindly ingredients like tea tree oil !

If one has started experiencing uneven fading, hard scrubs are essential because they reveal fresh younger looking skin designed specifically target those stubborn areas pigmentation imbalance so now lumps bumps bumps issue fixed once more smoother complexion returning.What might come up during regular tanning therapies? These minor setbacks including streaks , discoloration effects overusing tanner responsible layer buildup but thankfully proper solutions dealt
that would save us all including some of our loathing ‘frenemies’

Tips for Maximizing Your Mystic Tan

Here are a few tips for getting the most out of your Mystic Tan experience:

  1. Exfoliate beforehand: This ensures that your skin is free of dead skin cells and allows an even spread throughout.
  2. Wear loose clothing after spraying yourself : tight outfits may hinder distribution leading excessive weightiness confined areas
  3. Avoid water contact/activities in the initial hours following application For a period of roughly 4-6 hours after tint application, keep away water as much possible because moisture may seep in preventing an even tan.
  4. Don’t be too choosy about tone before developing Before jumping to judge skin color decide to wait for full development. Your Mystic Tan expert can provide advice if you’re not sure what shade will look best on your skin based on your complexion and natural base!


So how long does it take for a Mystic Tan to develop? In short, plan out at least six to ten hours for staying indoors switching between Netflix with friends and scrolling through similar beauty channels showing off their newly earned tans although whole process takes days (before needing another session) This is due to its unique composition containing DHA molecules that interact with amino acids found in dead surface cells eventually distributing dark pigments gradually but uniformly throughout our epidermis over time.

But remember: getting the perfect Mystic Tan requires patience ,restraint from early contact with water or sweat post-session plus exfoliating beforehand! So follow these tips and enjoy your new bronzed look without leaving home!
Say hi lustrous healthy looking skin (while bidding farewell rusty patchy old self-damaging options)

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