How long for a bone bruise to heal?

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that pain sucks. And when you’re dealing with a bone bruise, it can be tough to know how long you’ll have to deal with the discomfort. Well, look no further my friends! We’ve got all the info you need on how long it takes for bone bruises to heal.

What is a Bone Bruise?

Before we dive into healing times, let’s define what exactly a bone bruise is. Basically, it’s an injury that occurs when small blood vessels in your bones and surrounding tissues are damaged or broken. This results in bleeding inside the bone and underneath its covering.

But at least it sounds cool right? I mean imagine telling people ‘Yeah sorry I can’t come out tonight because of my gnarly bone bruise.’

Symptoms of a Bone Bruise

So now that we know what a bone bruise actually is – how do you tell if you have one? Here are some common symptoms:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Discoloration (aka bruising)
  • Limited range of motion

Basically, if something hurts more than usual and looks funky – pretty good chance it’s just not feeling very well.

Types of Bone Bruises

Just like anything else in life – there are different levels/audio types/intensities/stages/ grades/categories etc., related to this minor problem (cool right?)

Without getting too technical about things there are two main types:

1) Sub-periosteal hematoma – which affects sub-periosteal layer;
2) Intra-osseouscontusion– which happens within cortical tissue itself

That simple!

Severity Matters

Now here’s where things get complicated (just kidding they don’t). But seriously…these babies/this injury/healing time/whatever you want to call it come in varying degrees of ouch. Some bone bruises are comparatively minor and might take only days or weeks to heal. Others, however, can be pretty severe which requires some serious healing time – possibly months.

But for the sake of simplicity (our simple minds LOL), we’ll break things down into three categories:

  • Mild bruise
  • Moderate bruise
  • Severe bruise

Estimating Healing Time

Here is where most people are going probably have disagreements with me because I don’t really have concrete answers but approximately a range that hopefully doesn’t scare anyone anymore than necessary. But let’s roll with this together!

For mild bone bruises – they may resolve themselves within a few weeks.

Moderate level dealing will require a bit more patience – so around six weeks or longer.

Now severe injuries, unfortunately, teem towards lengthy full-blown seasons/may exceed two-three months until fully healed/prevented from happening again (I told you not all news would be great but hang on there darlings).

What Can You Do About It?

So what can be done about a bone bruise? Well in the spirit of prevention being better than cure; taking care and reducing chances of occurrence by protecting your bones through proper padding could prevent such an injury from happening altogether(some helpful heads-up).

Howevershould one find oneself oopsing during activity which lead/ leads to that third point/injury listed in symptoms above/careful measures needs to follow pronto.

Ice! Ice! Baby!!!: For starters apply ice packs at least twice daily this reduces inflammation/swelling/aching over the affected area(s) by constricting ruptured vessels temporarily up till complete recovery speedily accompanied with elevation/rest order to minimize movement and further damage as well as relieve discomforts.

Bone bruises hurt folks…ain’t no way around it. And while they can require a bit of downtime, it’s important to remember that these types of injuries are actually fairly common and not generally indicative of anything more serious–propelling rest is crucial.

Stay healthy/happy people!

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