How long does vulvitis last?

Ladies, we’ve all been there. Itchy lady bits, burning sensation when you pee and that weird fishy smell coming from your nether regions. Yup, it’s vulvitis! But don’t worry, first things first – what the hell is vulvitis?

What is Vulvitis?

Vulvitis (not Vulcan like Mr Spock) refers to inflammation of the external genitalia in women. This results from an infection or irritation which leads to swelling or soreness around labia/vaginal opening.


A few common symptoms include:
– Itching/burning in affected areas
– Redness/swelling present on and around the vulva area.
– Dry skin
– Pain during sex

It can be super pesky but this article will give you some guidance on how long it might stick with ya!

Causes Of Vulvitis

To cure a problem one must know where it schtums from. Here are a few possible reasons behind why you’re suffering-
1. Bacterial vaginosis problem turns into chronic vulvar eczema issue as prolonged itching could cause open sores leading to bacterial infections / yeast-based irritations.
2. Friction burns can occur due to waxing/shaving resulting in inflamed hair follicles leading up discomfort including redness/itchiness/swelling.
3 Allergic reactions from detergents used during laundry’ing cloths without any neutralizer compounds suitable for sensitive skin type does more harm than good.

Since prehistoric times our grandmas have always said rub raw coconut oil onto dry skin patches but these remedies may not work because its important you understand what’s causing the itchiness intially.

Risk Factors For Vulvitus

Sometimes your body becomes moist thanks to sweat accumulating down there due summer humidity or tight fitting clothing choices….When moisture is present for a longer period it leads to fungal infections leading up to discomfort including vulvitis.

Other known risk factors include:
– Using douches/feminine hygiene products, scented soaps or bubble baths
– Ageing( Oh no imagine getting an itch in KFC as you progress towards our 70s and still having sensitive skin!)
– Hormonal changes
– Immune system inefficiency

How Long Does Vulvitis Last?

Now the main question… “For how long do I have to suffer from this bloody vulvar vagueness ?”

Well, that depends on multiple factors such as treatment styles available, how severe your case is, consistent bathroom/sexual clothing habits plus any current medication intake. So we can’t tell you exact number of days/multiple weeks when all side effects will disappear but here are some guidelines:

Mild Vulvitis Cases

If diagnosed in its early stages mild cases usually clear within 2 weeks of care.
Mild solutions treatments could be applied include using –
1. Over-the-counter antifungal creams
2. Hydrocortisone creamlications
3. Changing from tight fitting synthetic/non breathable cloth material underwear because it doesn’t allow enough air flow which should accelerate recovery process.

Severe Vulvitus Cases

A greater amount of patience bearance would be needed if severity escalates resulting in development chronic symptoms that don’t go away over time-these cases could last upto several months requiring repeat trips back GP’s office.
Apart from using OTC ointments /soaps/gels for infection control dermatologist might provide medicine Bactroban designed specifically decrease bacterial inflammation . In extreme cases use oral antibiotics recommended by specialist might bring forth improvements over course few weeks although prolonged antibiotic regimes come with their own set-side effects.

It’s important not to leave these ignored especialy recurrent infections wjich pose elevated risks including cancer thus remeber: Prevention is always cheaper than cure!

How Can I Prevent Vulvitis?

Are you keen to stop vulvar agony from reocurring? Follow these tips!
1. Avoiding potential irritants such as perfumes, or deodorant in feminine hygiene products, detergents by promptly running into shower after gymming.
2. Depilation hair with powder before using razor blade could assist the process much smoother.
3. Ditch synthetic non breathable fabric clothing and opt for natural materials like cotton.

The goal isn’t optimal beauty of your bikini lines but maintaining vaginal health so can avoid regular trips back GP’s clinic!


All ladies will come across vulvitus at some time throughout their adult years whether that be recurrent/first-time symptoms occurrences during pregnancy /menopause transitions resulting a multitude treatments options depending upon severity levels case-by-case basis which affecting recovery periods thus prevention ensuring minimized overall risks usual effective solution!

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