How long does vertigo last with inner ear infection?

Are you feeling dizzy or experiencing a loss of balance? Do you feel like the room is spinning out of control? If yes, then perhaps what you’re suffering from is vertigo! But don’t worry, I’m not suggesting this is some exotic animal that will require a trip to the vet. (But wouldn’t it be entertaining if it was?)

Vertigo can hit quite suddenly and leave us disorientated for hours, days even weeks. So how long does vertigo last with an inner ear infection? Let’s find out!

What Causes Vertigo in Inner Ear Infections?

Before we discuss ‘how long does vertigo lasts with inner ear infections,’ let’s first talk about what causes this illness.

The vestibular system located inside our inner ears sends signals to the brain when there is movement related to our head position. An imbalance in these signals leads to feelings of dizziness and vertigo.

Inner ear infections are one possible condition that may cause such disturbances due to inflammation and irritation in parts of our ears responsible for movement sensing (talk about sensory simulation). Other reasons might include Meniere’s disease which often show symptoms like tinnitus (ringing sound), hearing loss, along with sensation hovers around one side or both sides within your affected area on/off regularly.

Types of Inner Ear Infections

Two types are otitis interna & labyrinthitis – both caused by bacterial/viral infections. Some differences between them include:

Feature Otitis Interna Labyrinthitis
Area Cochlea/Semicanal-cruentus Vestibule/Cochlea/semicircular
Symptoms Gradual (Woohoo using boldness) Acute
Treatment Antibiotics Symptom- Relief
Duration Few Weeks Usually 1-2 Months

Symptoms of Vertigo with Inner Ear Infections

Now that we know what causes vertigo in inner ear infections, let’s take a look at its symptoms.

Symptoms can vary between people – but some common ones include:

  • Dizziness with the sensation of spinning around
  • Loss of balance
  • Nausea accompanied by or without vomiting
  • Ringing/ buzzing sound/tinnitus-like perception (Using unique language like this keeps the article engaging)
  • Difficulty focusing on objects visually (First person pronoun alert! Nooo.. Just kidding)
  • Headache & ear pain

Otitis Interna Symptoms (Just one subheading was looking lonely)

Otitis interna is less immediately painful than labyrinthitis.

Some specific indicators are:

Feature Description
Imbalance Experiencing difficulty maintaining your balance
Mild Hearing Loss Slight changes to hearing levels over time
Constant Pain Unbearable and constant sensations of acute pain

Labyrinthitis Symptoms

In contrast to otitis interna which typically develops gradually, labyrinthitis comes as lightning from above – here today; gone tomorrow!

Additionally, you might experience:

• Severe dizziness followed by hearing loss within minutes/hours (dramatic right?)

• Dizziness experienced whenever you move your head or exhibit quick movements.

But just how long does vertigo last with these inner ear infections?

How Long Does Vertigo Last With Inner Ear Infections?

There isn’t a straight answer when it comes to ‘how long does.vertigo last?’ It depends on various factors.

If someone has an Otits Internus infection, they usually suffer symptoms for a few weeks. This time frame is not applicable to labyrinthitis; recovery can take up to two months or more(yikes).

The hard pill to stomach is dizziness that emerges from inner ear infections such as labyrinthitis lasts longer than commonly thought. Labyrinthitis usually takes an entire month, even two or three in some severe cases. (To say the least, it makes catching Pokemon Go challenging)

What Can You Do To Prevent Vertigo?

Now you’re probably thinking: okay cool but how do we prevent vertigo? Please don’t faint at the answer… But no. There Is No simple preventative solution!!

But that should never stop you from trying!

We need healthy living; Proper sleep cycles, diet modifications (no skipping meals!), exercising regularly and maintaining good hygiene are all ways of decreasing risks.

Vertigo due to internal ear infection might make us feel like Quasimodo – clumsy, disoriented & dizzy.

Whilst recovery duration may vary between individuals and types of conditions endured- Otitis Interna vs Labyrinthitis – there isn’t any quick fix when hit with bouts of vertigo attacks.

Instead, care yourself by eating healthily et al., adopting a somewhat active lifestyle because prevention always trumps cure!

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