How long does sunburn redness last?

Sunburn is something we have all experienced at one point or another. It hurts, it’s unsightly, and worst of all, it makes us look like boiled lobsters. But how long does sunburn redness last? Can we get rid of it in a day? A week? Let’s explore the answer to this burning question (pun intended).

What Exactly Is Sunburn?

Before we talk about how long sunburn redness lasts, let’s take a moment to understand what sunburn actually is. When our skin is exposed to too much ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun or tanning beds, damage can occur.

This damage causes inflammation which leads to swelling, pain and an uncomfortable feeling that makes you want to rip your own skin off. The extent of damage caused depends on several factors such as skin sensitivity and exposure time.

Fun fact: UV radiation isn’t just harmful during summer; clouds don’t block UV rays- they still pass through them so apply sunscreen even when its cloudy outside!

Why Do We Turn Red When We Get Sunburnt?

You always hear “red as lobster”, or “you’re glowing!”. So what happens after you’ve been out in the heat for too long?. Well thanks for asking! As already mentioned earlier when your skin gets overexposed to Ultraviolet rays (UVA/UVB), melanin production increases causing more blood flow via vasodilation -which results in red colored burnt-looking hue!

Melanin isn’t produced instantly thus why the real effects of being badly burned might not show up until 2 hours post exposure.

How Long Does Sunburn Redness Last?

The length of time that sunburn last will differ depending on several key factors such as severity but usually most cases tend dissipate on their own within couple days.

The larger majority are minor burns that causes reddening of the skin which usually resolves within 3-5 days. However, more moderate severities can cause peeling in affected area and even blisters with pain lasting over a week.

Mostly you will find it take s about three to six days for mild sunburns to subside although severe burns may be present for weeks!

But all is not lost because there are some things we could do to relieve those symptoms of sunburnt.

How To Lessen The Duration Of Sun Burn Redness

The post here suggests several interventions that could help alleviate or reduce how long sun burn redness lasts.

  1. Via Temperature Control
  2. Applying damp compress on overheated affected areas.
  3. Drinking cold fluids so as too keep body hydrated throughout
  4. Pain Management
    There are some pintsized creams available over-the-counter which contains anti-inflammatory agents such as lidocaine, menthol, or pramoxine can lend calm relief from cranky burned skin,
    Ask your doctor
    Ibuprofen , Acetaminophen might also assist in reducing pain levels when needed.
  5. Aloe Vera Gel therapy
    This gel-like plant’s substance helps in calming inflammation via its cooling effect upon application
    4: Keep Outta Direct Sunlight
    This one’s quite simple folks; exposure of healing wounds any further UV rays will no doubt only worsens condition.

What Happens Next?

Once the initial rush of redness fades away after a few days (or weeks), what comes next? As your skin begins to heal itself from the inside out surface layers begin flaking off upwards revealing lighter healthy looking ones beneath again!

Don’t despair though it’ll take some time (days/weeks) before reverting back normal complexion

Are There Any Long Term Effects?

Occasionally people report long-lasting side effects from severe burns such as skin discoloration or even irreparable DNA damage which ultimately can lead to the development of skin cancer in some cases.

However, this isn’t a sentence for doom either. Like its known prevention is better than cure; taking protective steps (such as applying sunscreen regularly) early on could reduce your riskof severe sunburns that causes redness afterward and prolong recovery phase timeframe.


Sunburn appears in different severities but mostly minor ones dissipate naturally within days while more moderate to severe ones may last weeks before fully recovering. Nevertheless there are available interventions hence shortening sunburned duration period by alleviating symptoms such using Aloe Vera gel, keeping outta direct sunlight, application of topical cooling patient and pain medication management among others.

So next time you’re heading outdoors remember the slippery application of sunscreen might just keep those pesky reddened lobster-like hues at bay!

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