How Long Does Phentermine (Adipex) Stay in Your Urine?

How Long Does Phentermine (Adipex) Stay in Your UrineAdipex is also known as phentermine, it is the prescribed medication for weight loss. If you are suffering from obesity related issues then you can use this medication, because it is offering amazing numbers of the benefits to people. It will work by minimizing appetite and it could be prescribed for 3 to 6 weeks to people who are eating low calorie fat and exercising. As we know, phentermine is the active ingredient in specific prescription drugs which includes zantryl, Ionamin, Fastin. At the same time, it is one of the main two ingredients in Qsymia. It is considered as most prescribed diet pills on market because it is quiet similar to the amphetamines and it acts as the stimulant which is the controlled substance. You must know about how phentermine acts at your system and how long can help to avoid the side effects and drug interactions. Adipex could be detected in urine, blood and hair.

Complete information about phentermine

Actually, phentermine might act as the appetite suppressant and it is the active ingredient which can affect parts of the central nervous system so hunger cravings could be lessened. When you take this drug then it might maximize energy levels of the patients. You can take this supplement daily before breakfast. It could be swallowed whole with plenty of water. It is not recommended to patient less than 16 years old.

Remember one thing: it is the prescription medication and it could be prescribed by only qualified doctor. Before you plan to take it, you must inform to your doctor whether you have allergies to adipex. If you are having question about how long does phentermine stay at your urine then it might stay 2-5 days in urine drug test. It has unique formulation so it can support mental energy. According to the studies says that it is the prescribed diet pill which is widely used to minimize appetite.

Sometimes, doctor might prescribe this drug for treating obesity. It is known to promote the weight loss by making feeling of fullness. It accelerates metabolism by burning calories at rapid rate. Using this diet pill might cause positive result in the urine screening test. It could be detected in urine when you take up to two to four days based on how your body metabolizes the drug. The rate might vary among individuals and it could be influenced by specific factor like age, height, weight and amount of the body fat. Some of the studies report that it is the FDA approved drug for weight loss. Staying time might vary based on the test like:

  • Urine drug test: The time of the phentermine might stay at your system for urine drug test is around five days. Single use of the drug might stay at your system about three days.
  • Saliva drug test: Based on your using level, it might stay at your system is around two to three days.
  • Hair drug test: In fact, phentermine might stay at your system for hair drug test is minimum 90 days which could be longer based on your hair length.
  • Blood drug test: It will stay at your system for blood is about two days.

About how long phentermine stay at your system

If you are using phentermine supplement then you might have question about how long phentermine stay at your system. It might depend on the several factors which might stay at your system. Based on the type of test, some of the test might detect phentermine at your system for shorter or longer period of time. It will work together with exercise and diet for treating obesity. If you are pregnant women or breast feeding then you must not use this supplement. Likewise, you must not use phentermine when you are having severe heart problems, overactive thyroid, glaucoma and advanced coronary artery disease. Before you are planning to take this supplement, you must not have below allergic such as

  • Overactive thyroid
  • History of the heart disease
  • Extreme agitation
  • History of drug abuse
  • Glaucoma

Everything to know about Phentermine

You are not recommended to use this supplement when you use the MAO inhibitor in past 14 days because it might occur dangerous drug interaction. When it comes to the MAO inhibitor includes Methylene blue injection, linezoid and selegiline. Weight loss during pregnancy might harm your unborn baby even when you are overweight. You can take this supplement which is prescribed by your health professional. You are recommended to read the instruction sheets or medication guides. You must not use phentermine in the larger amounts because it might product some dangerous side effects. Try to use it for short time so you can easily achieve your desire results.