How long does nexgard last?

As a responsible pet owner, it is important to be knowledgeable about the medications we give our furry friends. Being inquisitive and mindful when it comes to our pets’ health is just good sense. That being said, let’s dive into today’s topic: How long does Nexgard last?

What Is Nexgard?

Nexgard is a chewable flea and tick medication for dogs that contains Afoxolaner – an active ingredient that kills fleas and ticks upon ingestion by the dog.

Benefits of Using Nexgard

  • Easy-to-administer
  • Effective against both fleas and ticks
  • Provides month-long protection
  • Fast acting

Why Choose Chewables Over Topical Treatments?

Gone are the days where you have to wrangle your pooch into submission just so you can apply their flea/tick treatment on their sensitive skin! With chewables, all you need to do is hand over the treat (or if your pup has difficulty taking oral medication, crush it up and mix it in with some wet food) sit back and watch as they happily take care of themselves! Putting trust in your canine companion will pay dividends when using this simple method of delivery.

One-Time Dosage or Monthly Treatment?

NEXGARD should be taken once every 30 days for year-long coverage against all sorts of pesky insects such as fleas and ticks for different sizes/variations.

Dog Size Afoxolaner per Tablet
Extra Small (4.5kg) 11mg
Small (9kg) 28mg
Medium(10 -25kg) 68mg
Large (25 – 50 kg) 136mg

It’s quite easy to dose correctly; sufficient dosage ensures adult flea control on day one after administration becomes operational–and protection from new infections continues through to the next 30 days.

Why is Monthly Treatment Necessary?

Fleas are both irritating and highly resilient insects whose population can rapidly multiply if measures aren’t taken to curb infestations. Flea and tick treatments like Nexgard must be administered at one-month intervals in order to keep your pooch protected from newly hatched fleas/ticks that may have developed since the last dose!

One missed dose could ruin an entire cycle, making it necessary to start all over again–with more effort and treatment. Soooooo…don’t forget monthly dosages, alright?

The Longevity of Nexgard

Now onto the main course – NEXGARD’s longevity! After ingestion by your furry friend, afoxolaner enters their bloodstream relatively quickly–reaching maximum concentration around four hours post-dosage; its half-life ranges between 12-24 hours, with some variables on physical weight or type of dog.

The medication gradually becomes excreted via urine/feces so you should expect systemic coverage (full-body protection) against fleas and ticks for up-to 30 days!

Does Swimming Affect Medication Efficacy?

Nope! Your dog being hydrophilic won’t interfere with Nexguard’s bioactivity – bathing/swimming does not reduce this medication’s effectiveness!

_(Pro Tip: Check your swimming pool or local water quality before allowing your pet inside as pesticides’ contamination has been known into entering sources through improper disposal systems.)

Mollifying Allergies

Like anything formulated artificially some dogs are likely allergic to nixgard medication since it includes substances they don’t naturally digest well:

doses come in two flavors which include beef jerky or chicken flavoring–each designed exclusively for administration purposes.

As a good dog-owner rule-of-thumb: If you’ve ever given commercial treats/food containing these ingredients without side effects/response then Nexgard should be a safe choice for your dog to consume!

Prolonging its Lifespan

Temperature fluctuations or sunlight exposure will considerably lessen the potency of Nexgard, leading to a decreased attack on fleas/ticks. Storage therefore needs to be between 20-25⁰C and in conditions away from direct light.

Do not remove NEXGARD chewable tablets from packaging until ready to use – this ensures that once administered it will hit full/sudden effect.

The expiry date of cut tablets is affected mostly by environmental circumstances but usually remain stable up-to five years post-manufacturing date as indicated on drug tags. Always verify the expiration/use-by dates before administration begins.

In Conclusion…

So… there you have it folks – Nexgard’s longevity – up-to one month when dosed accurately! It comes with numerous benefits & flexibilities including being tasty (for consumption), accessible (much easier than topical applications) and fast-acting.

Just remember never miss any monthly administering purposes if you want your pet free from insects. Nevertheless, whether selecting NEXGARD or other flea/tick control choices always consult veterinarian advice over possible allergies/underlying health problems first!

Happy Furry Friend-raising!

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