How long does mirena iud work?

Are you tired of constantly worrying about using birth control every time you get intimate with your partner? The fear of an accidental pregnancy can be stressful, especially if you’re not ready for one. But luckily, there’s a solution – the Mirena IUD. This little device is inserted into your uterus by a healthcare provider and can provide long-term contraceptive protection. But how long does it actually work? Keep reading to find out!

Introducing the Mirena IUD

First things first – what is the Mirena IUD anyway? Simply put, it’s a tiny T-shaped device that releases hormones continuously over time to prevent pregnancy. It’s made of plastic and contains progestin, which thickens cervical mucus to stop sperm from reaching the egg.

  • Fun fact: “IUD” stands for intrauterine device – basically meaning something that goes inside your uterus.

So… How Long Does It Last?

The answer to this question depends on who you ask and what information you read online. Some sources may say three years; others will tell you five or even seven years! What gives?

Well, here’s the truth: according to official FDA-approved labeling by Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals Inc., Mirena has been proven effective up to 6 years in preventing pregnancy (insert excited gasp here)!

But before we jump too high in excitement (maybe do some stretches first), we should acknowledge that no form of birth control is 100% effective (bummer). There have been rare cases where women have become pregnant while using Mirena unexpectedly even after several years (say what!), but instances like these are very uncommon.

In theory! You could go six whole freaking years without worrying about getting knocked up thanks to this magical little thing called ‘MIRINA’!!

(Okay..we understand..Mirena is not really ‘magical’ but we are just excited to spread the good news!)

But Wait, There’s More!

The 6-year effectiveness of Mirena doesn’t mean that you have to remove it after six years. It actually depends on your personal preferences and goals for birth control moving forward. After reaching its maximum effectivity of preventing pregnancy (again..6 wonderful years), IUD continues working as a contraceptive device up to an additional year according to Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals Inc labeling.

However, if you find yourself wanting more long-term prevention than another year with the same IUD could provide – or Mirena starts causing unpleasant side effects (such as pain during sex or heavy bleeding) – then talk about switch-up options with your healthcare provider.

On contrary note: Don’t try removing it yourself! In most cases, the simplest way is visiting your gynecologist who has enough experience in this area.

How Effective Is It?

When used correctly and present for those 6 amazing years (no pressure), Mirena provides close-to-perfect effectiveness at preventing pregnancy (thumbs up!). In fact, only about one percent of women using Mirena will get pregnant every year.

Now before you plan on literally throwing all other contraceptives out the window Know this; Proper usage refers to having a properly situated IUD without any sort damage which may cause aforementioned pregnacy risk . Patients also need routine checkups by their trusted medical providers Hint: it’s advised do so every twelve months

If things change like experiencing severe cramping or spotting ,i.e ‘mensesleess periods’, reach out immediately!

## Other Benefits

So maybe "six whole freaking years" wasn't enticing enough for everybody(`impossible!!`), here are some added benefits that come along with choosing marna:
  1. Highly effective period product- Apparently, Mirena can help alleviate the painful or problematic symptoms related to heavy menstrual bleeding and cramping.
  2. Discretion- Since it is inside your uterus, no one else knows that you are using birth control (besides gynecologist – of course).
  3. Dual function: The hormonal element in Mirena helps reduce the likelihood of uterine cancer risk.

Downsides & Risks

As with any medical device, there are inherent risks and possible side effects associated with using a Mirena IUD.

The Pros:

  • Can create ‘period-free’ months yay!
    Incraesed effectiveness compared to other contraceptives
  • According to literature fewer contraindication,
    eg; normally safe for breastfeeding mothers

Now let’s go over some potential downsides and risks so we know what we’re getting into:

  1. Pain during insertion- Some users have noted pain during their initial placement procedure but nothing unbearable (probably similar as period cramps)
  2. Expulsion or Migration – Very rarely, an IUD may come out on its own due however if an unborn baby become attached/something goes off track patients should meet their medical provider ASAP along side severe pain since there’s a chance it could be migrating somewhere unexpected

Globally? You will find women concerns about personal matters abot sexual life confusion being on having this tiny hormone wrapped stick deep within your system but trust us! Like most things in like , the perspective here maters more than anything it only depends upon individual prefernce!

Just think . Six years without worrying about accidental pregnancy!!yeah .. six !!
It means more fun without fretting over carrying contraception while travelling through backpacking trips across europe etc !

## So… How Long Does It Stay Effective?

Mirena (that amazing little thing) has been proven effective up to 6 whole wonderful years in preventing pregnancy which makes it a longer lasting and reliable option to stay away from sudden/mishap pregnancies. However, after those six years have passed you shouldn’t feel an urgency to remove the device just for being ineffective because Mirena operates as contraceptive device up to an additional year.

If long-term birth control is important for your sexual health and lifestyle (which we believe it definitely should be), then discuss switching options with your healthcare provider if need be.

In Conclusion-
Mirena IUD can simply be life-changing! Not only does it relieve stress of getting pregnant unexpectedly but also provides enough support through hormonal benefits that women experiencing periods would love.

So…if you’re searching for a contraception method that’s low-maintenance (six freaking years!)and effective at reducing risk of unwanted pregnancy , talk about the possibility of Mirena with our provider.

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