How long does it take to shrink fibroids?

First off, let’s start with a disclaimer: I am not a doctor. I’m just someone who’s been down the fibroid shrinking road and has done some research on the matter.

So, how long does it take to shrink fibroids? Well, that depends on several factors which we’ll discuss below.

What are Fibroids Exactly?

Before we get into the nitty gritty details of shrinking them, let’s first define what exactly fibroids are.

Fibroids are noncancerous growths that form in or around the uterus. They’re usually made up of muscle tissue and can range in size from tiny (the size of a pea) to larger than a grapefruit. Some women may have one or two small fibroids while others may have multiple large ones.

Most women don’t even know they have fibroids because they don’t experience any symptoms. However, for those who do experience symptoms (such as heavy periods, pelvic pain/pressure, frequent urination), finding ways to shrink these pesky little things becomes top priority.

Factors That Affect Shrinking Time

Now onto more pressing matters – how long does it take to get rid of them? Unfortunately there is no single answer as there are numerous factors at play:


The size of your fibroid(s) will play a huge role in determining how long it takes to shrink them. As you might expect, smaller fibroids will generally respond faster than larger ones since there’s less volume for treatment methods like supplements/herbs/etc., drugs or surgery – all depending on personal preference – which will be covered later- migrate through before reaching their target areas; whereas treatments must penetrate deeper tissues with larger masses


Where your fibroid is anchored also determines its vulnerability e.g submucosal/converting part/ pedunculated, fibroids that are in the submucosal layer of the uterus (the innermost lining) are typically more challenging to treat than those growing in the uterine wall.


If you have one fibroid versus multiple ones – it will influence your course of treatment and impact how long it takes to shrink them. If you’re only dealing with one small guy, for example, receiving a single injection could halve its size within three months; but if there’s an entire crew encroaching on your living space? The time scale gets stretched out much longer.

Hormonal Factors

As women know all too well , hormones can play a massive role in our lives- whether we like it or not! Hormones dictate our monthly cycle as well as contribute to pregnancy, menopause – amongst other things. It goes without saying then that hormonal issues also affect how quickly fibroids can be expected to shrink since they grow faster during periods when estrogen levels surge )e.g pregnancy).This is where supplements aimed at balancing hormone levels come into play.

How To Shrink Fibroids

So what methods exist that work towards shrinking these non-cancerous growths? Here are some popular treatment options worth weighing:

Supplements & Herbs

Natural remedies have been utilized by many people over centuries inorder taking natural supplements such as DIM+BioPerine/Dandelion/Black Cohosh/Maca Root/Red Raspberry Leaf/Ginger root/Yarrow/Wild Cherry Bark—just to mention a few( provide links?) which help balance hormones and alleviate symptoms therefore assisting with shrinking techniques ;

However bear in mind that herbal treatments take quite some time – up-to six months for results ere evident-if any showing effectiveness at all . One tip though: always follow package instructions unless otherwise advised by your doctor!


For quick relief especially when symptomatology is acute , drugs like Lupron are commonly used to reduce fibroid size. These hormone injections can be administered over several months, and while they may produce rapid results they aren’t a permanent solution.

Other oral medications such as Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone (GnRH) agonists charge slightly higher rates than natural remedies but have been useful for decades seen through it’s efficacy plus quick shrinking rate . Introducing various hormones into the system helps to interrupt estrogen production and force the growths – that is these annoying fibroids- to shrink quite fast which could result in symptom releif ,however GnRs also increase risk of osteoporosis so coupled with cost should make one keen on reviewing their options .


Laparoscopic myomectomy or hysterectomy still remains an effective option for definitive treatment although it’s somewhat invasive thus more risky too. Depending on the nature of one’s case, surgery might definitely be an appropriate course of action; however understand its downtime exceeds all other procedures.After abdominal incision is done options range from removing multiple uterine fibroids at once vs total removal of uterus thus dealing permanently with any fibroids en route future renewal.

A major thing about surgical removal involving anaesthesia prep/recovery time/hospital bills – chemo aside- add that up & you’ll find yourself cruising down ‘bankruptcy road’. Plus results oft-outweigh longer recovery period even after minimal surgery/ laparoscopic there slective infertility caused by mutilation whereas for others pregnancy chances wane

Looking at Change Over Time

As previously mentioned, there isn’t necessarily just one overarching answer regarding how long it takes to shrink them, this state often will vary depending because ..fibroids vary woman-to-woman; some noticing swift progress within a few weeks whilst others needing patience prior seeing changes kicking through ;but seriously dont give up!

For those who’ve chosen surgeries definitely consider longer-term ramifications.If choosing the treatment route – regardless of natural/homeopathic remedies or traditional medicine- check in frequently with your health professional to see what’s showing some gain and make any tweaks as necessary.


To sum everything up, how long it takes to shrink fibroids is an answerless question without more specifics. Women must appreciate their unique situation also be mentally prepped for prolonged medication courses & restrictions/dietary regulation incase they choose suites them bestand; know this: shrinking time periods widely vary contingent on things such as location, size, hormonal status therefore treatments sought?.Regardless of aid lines though,it’s possible to ultimately feel relief from these pesky growths–it just might take a bit of patience along with properly prescribed regimen so don’t lose hope!