How long does it take to remove a toenail?

Let’s face it – sometimes things go wrong and we find ourselves in unexpected situations. Maybe you hit your toe on the corner of a table, decided you wanted to be barefoot on a construction site, or simply have an ingrown toenail that needs attention. Whatever the reason may be, if you are wondering how long it takes to remove a toenail, then buckle up because we are about to dive deep into the intricate world of foot extractions.

Why Do You Need To Get Your Toenail Removed?

Before we jump into how long removing a toenail might take, let’s first discuss why one might need to undergo this procedure.

  1. Ingrown nails: This is when your nail grows inwards instead of straight out.
  2. Fungal infection: When fungus makes its home under your nail bed.
  3. Pain relief: In some cases where people experience chronic pain due to their toes or want relief from extreme discomfort caused by injured nails.
  4. Preventing recurrence: If you’ve had recurring infections or other issues with your toenails,removing them entirely can prevent further complications.

Keep in mind that not all situations require surgical removal and for conditions like fungal infection trimming and developing healthy habits goes a long way!

Are You Ready For The Good News? Removal Is Quick 🚀

Don’t worry; You’ll survive without any parts missing! Believe us when we say it won’t take very long at all.

An experienced podiatrist will generally only need around 20-30 minutes time for complete nail extraction (yes really!) during which they will administer local anesthesia so although there could be slight discomfort felt throughout the process (likely none). That sounds as bad as not getting front-row tickets after queuing up since dawn for the event of our year.

Now before going ahead with such an important choice, make sure you consult with a healthcare professional to ensure that and discuss other available options!

Here is What Happens When You Go For A Toenail Removal 🤔

Now that we’ve talked about the reasons behind toenail removal let’s delve into what happens when she head out for your procedure:

  1. Local anesthesia: Your doctor will give a local anesthetic injection around the toe making it numb so while they work on removing your nail, you won’t feel any discomfort.

  2. Nail bed preparation: Following anesthesia administration, your podiatrist will prepare the nail by gently lifting it from its bed and trimming back as much of the top layer as possible in order to find suitable access to fully remove all of it.

  3. Extraction: The actual extraction process can shock some people but rest assured there is no extreme pain involved as mentioned earlier due to effective numbing;

  4. Bandage time: Post-extraction wound care is crucial; Dressing over the affected toe would be done to manage potential bleeding i.e., for 24-48 hours after which one should observe routine dressing.

It may take several months after an operation before fingernails and toenails return back their original shape/size/coloration depending on how well-regulated blood flow has been since.

After this process entirely takes place here are some tips post-procedure suggestions professionals highly recommended considering:

🟥 Rest up and avoid strenuous activities like running or sports until full recovery

🟨 Take antibiotics & anti-inflammatory medications as prescribed ऒ(°‿°)ऒ 😷 If complications occur get medical attention ASAP

✌️ Wear comfortable shoes & socks but avoid putting pressure on toes unless necessary

⌛️ Allow sufficient healing time more especially if stuck at home these days.

Final Thoughts

The mere thought of removing a toenail might set off alarms in your head, but if done correctly by skilled professionals such as the awesome podiatrists we have out here, then it’s really nothing to sweat over! Plus, with the proper post-procedure care outlined above and given time for recuperation from any injuries incurred during this process or even an earlier bout of infections you can ensure smooth healing. 🤞🏾😽

Getting back into shape is priceless and worth every step taken so don’t let trivial fears stop assistance that could keep you on track. With that said though, remember one final thing.

Do not attempt to remove your own toenails at home – leave these things up to trusted healthcare providers who specialize in them while keeping you comfortable throughout the entire procedure.

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