How long does it take to heal a strained muscle?

Expect a mild strain to become symptom-free after a week or two of treatment. Expect a severe pulled muscle to heal within a month’s time with adequate care and rest. Ice is used to reduce inflammation. It also slows any accompanying bleeding, according to the Mayo Clinic. Fill a plastic bag with a cup of ice. Wrap the bag with a dishcloth.

What is the best treatment for muscle strain? Treatments for Muscle strain. Rest, ice, compression, elevation, pain medication if needed, once pain has subsided gradually introduce light stretching movement to provide circulation to the affected muscle tissue.

What is the recovery time for pulled leg muscle? Mild to a moderate muscle pull usually heal within a few weeks. Severe muscle pull takes several months to heal. Sometimes, symptoms such as pain and discomfort with mobility may linger for a lifetime. The recovery time of muscle pull depends on the grade of muscle strain as described below:

What is Grade 2 muscle strain? Grade II strain. This is a moderate strain, with a greater number of injured fibers and more severe muscle pain and tenderness. There is also mild swelling, noticeable loss of strength and sometimes a bruise.