How long does it take to find yourself?

Are you feeling lost, unmotivated or just unsure about where your life is headed? Are you wondering how long it will take you to “find yourself?” Well, I hate to break it to you, but finding oneself isn’t exactly like locating one’s car in a crowded parking lot. It takes time and effort, and sometimes even after all that, we may not discover ourselves at all.

But let’s start by understanding what exactly does “finding oneself” means?

What Does Finding Oneself Mean?

The process of “finding oneself” is a personal journey towards self-discovery. It refers to figuring out who we are as individuals- our values, beliefs, strengths and weaknesses. This quest for identity can lead us on an exciting path of self-exploration.

A Mix of Emotions

Finding oneself is not easy; it can be tough emotionally too (duh), which range from happiness and excitement when things fall into place to anxiety and frustration when they don’t. Each individual has their unique experience with regards to finding themselves because everyone is different! So now the question arises – how much time will this difficult process actually take?

The Timeline To Find Oneself

The answer isn’t simple btch as there isn’t any timeline for discovering oneself. Moreover here’re some insights that could help breakdown the seeking journey-

No One-Day Miracle!

Contrary 99% viral stories claiming people found themselves overnight or over a weekend retreat, such “personality development”/“self-help” camps might give mere temporary upliftment leaving no signficant transformation apart from marketing gimmickry.

Shortcut To Nowhere

We’ve been groomed for quick results by society telling us ‘the sooner the better’ mindset often resulting in switching jobs every few months instead of committing fully coz them FOMO vibes overpower. In the pursuit of immediacy, we often overlook that rushing things can create more problems than solving them.

Comparisons Drag Us Down

To those asking “how much time their friend took to find themselves”, please remember that each person has a different path. And it’s completely normal to desire what other people have achieved in front of us but for heaven’s sake do not use someone else’s journey as your own roadmap.

It takes Patience and Exploration

The process will take long-ass time! The day we start focusing on enjoying not just reaching “the destination” is when profound discoveries are made about ourselves slowly and steadily through experiences (and also weed). Take baby steps – read books or attend workshops/events aka all sorts of self-awareness programming available out there (some genuine, some BS), make art, go trekking/any activity that connects you with nature or try volunteering; Everything contributes!

Why Does It Take So Much Time?

Human beings can be quite complex creatures. Our personalities consist of various traits and behaviors- Some sharply-focused while some appear incongruous.

Social Conditioning Is A Thing

Moreover how society conditions us since childhood isn’t something worth ignoring either where conforming to norms seems more paramount than understanding our own unique selves usually leading to feeling lost like struggling puzzle pieces fitting into a wrong jigsaw formation.

Fearfactor Triggers Doubts

When was the last time one dialed an old bestie from college days without thinking twice? Or wouldn’t try bungee-jumping if ever presented with chance? Majorly our fears dialate gateways keeping minds trapped eliciting doubts every single moment so seeking inward does require courage apart from patience.

So considering mental clutter intertwined with social conditioning clouding one’s judgment… discovering oneself could be quite overwhelming! Therefore instead of trying hard on knowing SELF entirely right away taking mind-excursions facilitates missing pieces recognition making the puzzle complete in time.

Wrap It Up!

Finding oneself is not a destination, but an ongoing journey. Therefore… brace yourself because true transformation comes with constant self-discovery and reinvention! Searching for the meaning of life may be hard (and never-ending lol) but without it, we couldn’t explore this great mysterious existence in-depth!

Truth be told there isn’t any definite answer to how long it takes before finding oneself- let’s all accept that sooner or later and enjoy living our lives as they are coz what’s coming up next would absolutely rock your boat previously held onto thoughts & doubts!