How long does it take for passion flower to work?

How Long Does it Take for Passion Flower to Work?

Passion flower, also known as Passiflora incarnata, is a plant traditionally used for medicinal purposes. It has been reported to have excellent benefits for sleep and anxiety. If you are considering using passionflower for the first time, you might be wondering how long it will take for it to work. This article will explore the details of passionflower and how long it takes for it to work after taking it orally.

What is Passion Flower?

Passion flower is a plant traditionally used to support calmness, sleep and relaxation. It is also frequently taken to help reduce anxiety symptoms. The plant contains many natural compounds that work together synergistically to provide its benefits. It is native to the southeastern United States, but it now grows all over the world. Passion flower is available in many forms such as capsules, tinctures, tablets, and teas.

How Does Passion Flower Work?

Flavonoids and alkaloids in passion flower have calming, sedative effects that work to balance the levels of brain chemicals like GABA. Researchers think that passionflower works similarly to benzodiazepines, a class of medications for anxiety. Since it works at the same chemical receptors, it is considered a non-addictive alternative to anti-anxiety medications.

What are the Benefits of Passion Flower?

The most common use of passion flower is for sleep and relaxation. However, many studies have been conducted on the plant, and they show that it can be helpful for several other conditions:

  • Reduces anxiety symptoms
  • Improves insomnia
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Relieves menstrual cramps
  • Reduces symptoms of withdrawal from drugs and alcohol

How Long Does it Take for Passion Flower to Work?

The time it takes for passion flower to work can vary from person to person. Some users have reported that they could feel the effects within 30 minutes of taking it. However, studies have shown that it can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to see significant changes. One study on people with generalized anxiety disorder found that after four weeks of taking passionflower extract, there was a significant reduction in anxiety compared to the placebo group.

Factors that Affect How Long it Takes for Passion Flower to Work

The time it takes for passion flower to work varies from person to person based on several factors. Some of the most important factors that affect the time it will take to feel the effects of passionflower are:

  • The form of passion flower being taken (tincture, capsule, tea, etc.)
  • The dosage taken
  • The severity of the condition being treated
  • The individual’s body chemistry

How Much Passion Flower Should I Take?

The recommended dosage of passionflower depends on the form being taken. For example, tea made from fresh or dried passionflower, you should drink one cup three times per day. Standard extracts range from 200-800 mg twice daily.

Side Effects of Passion Flower

While passion flower is considered safe for most people, some users might experience the following side effects:

  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Confusion
  • Impaired coordination
  • Upset stomach

Passionflower is not appropriate for pregnant women and could cause contractions. If you have any concerns about taking passion flower, speak with your doctor before taking it.

The Bottom Line

Passion flower is an excellent natural remedy for anxiety and sleep issues. It contains active compounds that work together to address the root of the problem. The time it takes to feel the effects of passion flower can vary based on several factors, such as the form being taken, the dosage taken, the severity of the condition being treated, and the individual’s body chemistry. Most people experience its benefits after a few weeks of use, but others might feel the effects as soon as thirty minutes after taking it.

Commonly Asked Questions About Passion Flower

  • Q: How many cups of passionflower tea can I drink a day?
  • A: The recommended dosage of passionflower tea is one cup three times per day.
  • Q: Can passion flower cause drowsiness?
  • A: Yes. Passion flower can cause drowsiness, especially at higher doses.
  • Q: Can pregnant women take passion flower?
  • A: No. Pregnant women should avoid passion flower as it could cause contractions.
  • Q: Should I take passion flower before bed?
  • A: Yes. Passion flower is a great natural sleeping aid and is commonly used before bed.


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