How long does it take for hair fall to stop?

Whether you’re a man, woman, or extra-terrestrial being, hair fall is something that affects us all. While some of us are blessed with luscious locks of hair that would make any Disney princess jealous, others have to contend with an overactive hair shedding monster residing on their head. If you find yourself in the latter category and are wondering how long it will take for your hair fall to stop (if ever), then keep reading!

What Causes Hair Fall?

Before we dive into the timeline of when your shedding may cease let’s know what exactly causes this issue because understanding its root might help increase our knowledge.

Hair fall can be caused by a variety of reasons ranging from genetic factors (thanks mum and dad!), hormonal imbalances (hello puberty and pregnancy), nutritional deficiencies (Did someone say pizza?!), stress induced issues (Thanks work!) to excessive heat styling (Time to toss away those flat irons folks!)

The Timeline

Ah yes, finally lets’ talk about the answer everyone wants…when will it stop?!

It’s important to note that every individual’s case differs so there’s not always a one size fits all solution but here are some general timelines regarding when your strands may start diminishing:

Common Shedding Rates

Normally people lose 50-100 hairs per day which replaced by new healthy ones almost instantly – super cool right?. But if you experience more than normal hair loss rate like 150+ hairs in a day then get ready for changes.

Immediate Changes

On average physiologically stressed-out scalps pass through the Telogen phase (what?) immediately after experiencing sudden shock thus completing the natural course earlier (<90 days).

Examples include post childbirth especially mothers who had pre-eclampsia during their gestation period. Even surgeries could similarly trigger unexpected effects on the hair; this is only correct as long as you haven’t undergone a scalp procedure.

When It Stops

Generally, it takes around 6 months to see the reduction in hair fall. Therefore, patienceis probably something many of us don’t own but let’s try our best folks! Also remember that regular check-ups and doctor’s appointments can help gauge how well your process is going especially urological problems which enhances DHT levels leading to patterns baldness.

What Helps With Hair Loss?

So while we’re waiting for our shedding activities to calm down here are some tips that may help with hair loss:

  • A healthy lifestyle
  • Balanced and nutritious diet
  • Exercise regularly
  • Manage stress through techniques like meditation or yoga (Namaste people)
  • Hair-friendly supplements like Biotin or Vitamin E.
  • Don’t use too much heat (we get it straighteners – leave our heads alone)

A Word From Our Friends (Or Foes)

Some things we do tend to worsen the situation if not stopped such as:

Tight Hairstyles

Letting out Mr. Beckham-esque styles require tension on strands leading them on tugging at their delicate roots resulting in acquired traction alopecia (as described by Hippocrates back then). Ouch! Thankfully these adverse effects could be easily avoided by loosening up hairstyles from time to time before severe loss come-a-knockin’.

Give Up Smoking!

Smoking often associated with cancer has shown recent findings affecting blood flow towards anagen follicles for new growth faster depletion due alopecia; smokers usually suffer worse than non-smokers.

As a quick kick start summarizing all mentioned above,

Causes Solutions
Genetics Lifestyle changes
Hormonal imbalances Healthy Diet / Proper Nutrition
Nutritional deficiencies Regular exercise
Stress-induced hair fall Hair-friendly supplements such as biotin and vitamin E
Excessive heat styling Limiting heat usage

Wrapping It Up

So, there you have it folks! While the timeline may differ for your specific case, patience is key in allowing your shedding to come to a halt. Ensuring healthy habits while being aware of things that can worsen the issue. But don’t forget to enjoy all the fun hairstyles from braid braids to futuristics space buns without compromising our fragile strands.

Stay Healthy!

This article was brought to you by a hair enthusiast who hilariously goes bald once every two years testing out strange remedies on that one desperate night.

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