How long does it take feliway diffuser to work?

As a pet owner, you must be having problems dealing with your feline friend’s misbehavior. From scratching the couch to not using the litter box correctly, cats can leave their owners frustrated and stressed. But worry no more! The solution lies in using Feliway diffuser.

Feliway is a synthetic replica of feline pheromones that helps calm down anxious or aggressive cats. It comes in two forms- spray and diffuser, but today we’ll focus on how long it takes for the latter one to work.


If you’re new to Feliway or just starting out with its use, here are some basics about how it works –

  • Cats have facial glands that produce pheromones.
  • These pheromones serve as communication tools between cats.
  • They convey messages such as territory marking or mating signals.
  • When faced with stressful situations like meeting new people, adjusting to a new home environment, moving houses etc., these glandular secretions go haywire.
  • This change leads to behavioral issues such as hiding too much, being agitated/aggressive/scratching excessively etc.

That is where FELIWAY comes into play!

What is a Feliway Diffuser?

A ‘diffuser’ is essentially an electric plug-in device which releases calming substances into your environment. Once plugged in directly into an outlet preferably located centrally in your home space – this unique device tries to trigger off happy responses amongst our furry friends by releasing calming agents throughout the day night easing away their nervousness towards any changes within their landscape surrounding them.

So let us answer – how long does it take for this magical invention from Mars (just kidding)to start showing results? Buckle up fellas; we are now entering real cat world!


Let us take a peekaboo at the timeline for Feliway’s effectiveness:

  • Day 1: Your cat won’t show much interest in it. (Oh well!)
  • Week 1: By this time, their scratching behaviour should reduce and if you have more than one cat, you’ll notice less aggression between the furballs.
  • Week 2 to week 4: A significant state of calmness can be observed during now as your feline companions begin adjusting to their new and comfortable environment thanks FELIWAY!

Remember that every cat is different and each experience may vary.

Factors affecting diffuser Performance

Now let’s answer what factors hinder or make speeding up its performance possible?

Location matters

For starters, Placing it inside a room that’s super crowded with humans sans owning any cats would amount to zero intervention. Moreover; covering it or placing behind any furniture sets would not cater well either.

We suggest doubling checking on where outlets are located around your home before installing these nifty plug-ins keeping in mind how some areas may not work due proximity opposites such as high traffic space -a.k.a Front door/bathroom etc-. Using multiple Plug-in Diffusers spread out throughout rooms within household homes used daily through avoiding the above examples topics beforehand could yield best results from Feliway .

Time of use – full cycle required!

One thing most pets’ parents fail at doing is waiting long enough for Feliway ‘s pheromones feeling effective. It takes about four weeks of continuous usage which encompasses when replacing every refill sequence provided if goal oriented outcomes wanted seeing dependably strong among companions need ensuring those existing few important considerations practices without excuses prior first use trial period begins favored by pet owners all around!

The next essential aspect stressing over chosen timing intervals can lead to disastrous consequences. For example waking your kitty up near midnight by trying setting them set almost achievable achievements in their personal cat lives routines rituals scheduled ones another pesky thing.

More Factors affecting diffuser Performance

Cat Personality

Another factor that affects how quickly the Feliway diffuser works in cats is the personality of your cat. Some cats may require more time to adjust and calm down others since they have a dominant trait or have had numerous stressors which could cause behavior changes. FELIWAY helps counter such situations by relaxing them more quickly though because it provides pheromones in environments allowing some leeway while acclimating.


If your kitty suffers from illness or disease, then it can impact on its behavior; as such circumstances where stressful behaviors heighten over time when E.g diabetes due balance hormones causing excess anxiety levels spiking during now, instead feline feel worse than usual!

Diffusers can help reduce those behaviors only if parents adhere to proper feeding schedules alongside administering medication schedules for said diagnosed condition(s) whenever necessary shouldn’t neglect too regardless using Feliway

Thus you see many elements come into play with optimizing treatment plan via plug-ins .If pets’parent adhering taking all care needed basic home precautions storing medications/food out reach lessening high traffic areas house confinement especially negative moments as repairmen visiting- all mentioned help towards enabling better health holistically safeguarding certain loopholes caused behind behavioral unwanted consequences previous times faced.

Litter Quality Important

The next element concerns litter quality.A place seeming unsafe/unpleasant easily contribute heavily through influencing negatively future bad experiences.Cats are incredibly sensitive animals who will pick up even slightest change immediately.after infusing pheromones within air spaces around them constantly making sure area clean free bad smells avoiding plastic covers sheets – creates unpleasant smell isolating removing sensation well hence interesting minimalistic design primarily chosen per explanation given prior preparing using phenomenon known as FELIWAY!!

Adding onto our list, be mindful of the six factors that can potentially hinder or contribute to FELIWAY’s therapeutic benefits.

Factors which may Hinder Feliway Diffusers:
– Using it in a room with many humans but no animals
– Placing it behind furniture
– Covering the diffuser
– Only using in one spot of your home

Factors which may Contribute to Feliway Diffusers:
– Using multiple diffusers throughout your home on continuous intervals
– Adopting an approach focused toward balanced usage timing & replacement strategy while actively promoting positive behavioral outcomes suitable towards specific uniqueness/comorbidities for each individualized pet.

Final Thoughts

Understanding the above discussion and concepts perfectly both practically theoretically oriented will help manage future treatment goals coaching preventative actions creating helpful support plan anchored around holistic wellness obtained as result optimal care ensuring quality life through intervention whenever need arises. Investing time money start enjoying peaceful living conditions alongside furry companions even scary moments ended redefined availing yourselves cutting-edge technology called FELIWAY!!!

The end, fanfares!

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