How long does high blood pressure last after cortisone shot?

Welcome to the world of high blood pressure and cortisone shots. If you’re one of those people who have recently received a cortisone shot for any medical condition, congratulations! But, if you are experiencing some changes in your blood pressure after getting a shot, then don’t worry; it’s all normal. You might be wondering how long does high blood pressure last after cortisone shot? Don’t stress yourself out because throughout this article we will help you understand everything about it.

Understanding High Blood Pressure

To better understand how long high blood pressure lasts after a cortisone shot, let’s dive into what high blood pressure itself is. High blood pressure or hypertension refers to when the force applied by the flowing blood on arteries’ walls is too strong than the norm(140/90mmHg). It creates additional stress on your heart and increases your chances of having health complications like stroke or cardiac arrest.

According to research conducted by American Heart Association,“An estimated 103 million Americans (nearly half) suffer from hypertension.” And as worrying as that might sound… take comfort in knowing that most times it can easily be managed and treated with medication.

The Importance Of Cortisol In Our Body

Cortisone injections are administered intravenously through veins, usually in areas such as joints or muscles where inflammation has occurred. Before diving into how long hypertension lasts after injecting cortisol into our bodies… let’s explore what cortisol (which turns into cortisone) actually is!

In simple words,Cortisol“It is called “stress hormone” because its levels spike during anxiety and tension-causing situations such as public speaking.” Nonetheless,“it plays an essential role in our bodies by helping regulate metabolism, immune response, stress management, and anti-inflammatory processes.”

Cortisol may often be confused with cortisone since cortisol turns into cortisone in synthetic form. However,“cortisone has an additional effect of suppressing inflammation” which is why it is sometimes preferred over cortisol for managing inflammatory conditions such as arthritis.

The Effects Of Cortisone On Blood Pressure

Receiving a tiny bit of information about high blood pressure and the role that medication plays around it was necessary; now let’s get to the main topic… how does cortisone affect blood pressure?

Studies have shown that taking steroids (including corticosteroids like/containing/cortisol/corticosterone/dexamethasone) can temporarily raise blood pressure levels because they stimulate norepinephrine production. Norepinephrine triggers release from your adrenal glands which causes changes to your overall vascular system resulting in raised BP levels.

Luckily though – typically these ‘temporary’ increases only last for a few days or weeks before returning back to normal following discontinuation of treatments. But bear in mind there are cases where people receiving ongoing injections can experience more sustained hypertension effects.

Curses! If you are experiencing persistently elevated BP levels, don’t hesitate to reach out to your doctor on new treatment recommendations.

While steroids aren’t necessarily bad when administered correctly by medical professionals, their use comes with potential side effects such as weight gain, mood swings…and yup! You guessed right…Increased hypertension becomes yet another one!

How Long Does Hypertension Last After Cortisone Shot?

Now onto the juicy stuff — how long does high blood pressure last after getting a steroid injection?

There’s no hard and fast answer here – The duration varies depending on several factors including dosage amount given,journey length,cycle phase,lifestyle modifications alongside physiological data.But generally speaking,it should be good to assume that most cases its will only last for a few days and typically the worst of effects could be within 24 hours or so.

These hypertension increases aren’t generally severe enough to cause damage to body organs,but it has been known in some rare occurrences.

How To Treat High Blood Pressure After Cortisone Shot?

Well, now you know how long high blood pressure lasts after getting medical treatment with steroids, but what if you’re experiencing this issue? Here are some simple remedies:

  • You can try changing your lifestyle by making healthy food choices.
  • Incorporate exercise into your routine(not just sex).
  • Look into alternative treatments like acupuncture, massages, meditations or yoga (not all together though)…if done at home.

Remember – don’t forget communication is key: don’t hesitate to contact your primary care doctor on new medication recommendations.

It’s always better safe than sorry!


Got Anxiety around cortisone injections and Hypertension? Don’t worry – it’s totally normal! Recalling discussions thus far; we learnt about cortisol, hypertension as well as steroid medication usage including their direct correlation with issues stemmed from blood pressure.

Furthermore…we discovered that temporary hypertension caused by these medications generally subsides within a few days/weeks post-injection. If symptoms persist beyond those periods it may be best consult your physician and make recommended changes afterwards based upon data provided.

As our final take-home message; remember maintaining good overall health through dieting & exercising goes further contributing towards management/treatment of high BP levels being elevated due to recent steroid influxes/effects arising from medical conditions/issues!

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