How long does deflatine take to work?

Deflatine, the lifesaver of those who suffer from gas and bloating after consuming meals. So you have been preparing yourself for an evening filled with scrumptious food- lasagna, beer battered onion rings (with ketchup), a few handfuls of popcorn while watching your favourite show on Netflix- this ideal night might sound like heaven to some people but not so much when you suddenly start experiencing drastic stomach cramps that make you feel like someone hit you in the gut.

As always deflatine is here to save the day or should I say night? Regardless let us understand how long does it take for deflatine to work?

How Does Defaltine Work?

Before delving into this pressing question; I think we need first to understand how exactly deflatine works.

Defaltin contains two active ingredients:
1. Simethicone
2. Calcium Carbonate

Simethicone helps alleviate abdominal discomfort by breaking down excess gas bubbles in our stomachs which makes these pesky bubbles easier to pass through either belching or flatulence. You know what, sometimes its hard trying not to giggle about discussing said bodily functions but lets power through!

The second active ingredient calcium carbonate acts as an antacid and neutralises any belly acid which can also contribute towards stomach issues such as indigestion.

How Long For Symptoms To Subside?

Ah, finally onto answering your justified question – So how long does it take for defaltine really takes effect?

Well truthfully speaking there is no black-and-white response(sorry!). This is because every individual experiences different intensities of bloatedness/gas pains meaning that some individuals might find relief almost instantly while others may require just under half an hour.

Typically though based on anecdotal evidence gathered over years of usage – most users claim they begin feeling improvement anywhere between 20-60 minutes. But if after two hours you still feel heavy discomfort, it’s advised to seek medical attention.

Don’t worry this short-term wait won’t be unbearable as deflatine comes in pleasant flavours such as strawberry and peppermint; enough to keep those taste-buds entertained for at least 58 seconds…yes I counted!

How Long Does Defaltine Last?

Another question your curious-mind pondering might ask – once you’ve downed the recommended dose how long does defalting last?

Again another troubling fact but unfortunately no hard-and-fast answer here either. It typically depends on a variety of factors including your age, metabolism rate (the speed at which our bodies expel drugs), and intensity of symptoms when taking medication initially.

In general terms though most adults found that they experienced relief for up to five hours before requiring additional doses BUT important tip: ensure you consult instructions before repeating another dosage(never double-up!). Overuse can lead towards unpleasant side-effects like constipation or chronic bloating which is not what we want!

When Should You Take Deflatine?

The ideal moment(s) for treating yourself with deflatine are solely based upon personal preference but there are times when taking it may serve more useful than others:

Eating A Heavy Meal
When consuming large meals – especially ones packed with foods high in salt/fat (let’s all form a prayer circle together for pizzas)- these tend to cause higher levels of gas build-up due digestion efforts by our stomachs resulting increased risk towards abdominal pains and bloatedness feeling.

Other Tips

Although defalting usually helps provide relief from bloat/gas there are a few other things one can undertake that could result in further aid –

  1. Hydration is key – Drinking water assists your digestive system performance so staying hydrated will only help prevent chances of feelings discomfort.
  2. Keep an eye out for gassy foods — Certain drinks and meals like carbonated beverages, beans, broccoli etc. tend to leave our digestive systems with more challenges than they are willing to solve! Ingestion of latter mentioned can lead towards severe bloat or gas issues so it’s best kept in moderation!
  3. Slow-down when eating – We’re all guilty here (myself included) for inhaling food and then regretting moments later. The faster we eat the more excess air is trapped during digestion process which could lead towards bloating.

Table Representation

Here are some common things that cause discomfort that you might want to avoid –

Gassy Food/Drinks Reducing these may aid
Carbonated drinks(cola) Sparkling water instead
Beans/some legumes(Pinto/red kidney) Switch to white rice/quinoa
Broccoli/cauliflower/cabbage family Green veggies like spinach/bok choy


In conclusion self-care plays a massive part within this scenario – knowing what works best will assist you greatly along with taking defalting only as required(for God’s sake do not overdo it!). Drinking plenty of fluids alongside mild physical exercise(our hearts thank us too) will further contribute towards overall well being but most importantly– lets enjoy those big meals without sweat trickling down the sides!(phew!)

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