How long do you wait to take plan b?

Have you ever had a night of passion and realized afterward that protection was not used during the heat of the moment? Fear not, you are not alone in this! Accidents happen, and it is essential that we keep ourselves safe from unwanted pregnancies or sexually transmitted infections. One way to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex is by taking Plan B, but how long can you wait before taking it? In this article, we will explore everything there is to know about Plan B and when it’s time to take one.

What Is Plan B?

Before diving into all the specifics on how long you should wait before taking a Plan B pill let’s get an understanding of what exactly is it. Plan B, also known as “the morning-after pill,” “emergency contraception,” “post-coital birth control,” or simply put “the backup plan.” It’s intended for use after unprotected sex or contraceptive failure within 72 hours (3 days) of having intercourse.

Plan b contains similar hormones found in most oral contraceptives – progestin which helps suppress ovulation but unlike regular birth controls pills that are being taken daily regardless if having intercourse. This emergency contraceptive comes as only two pills where both need consuming with twelve hours apart from each other at most.

How Effective Is It?

When taken correctly, Plan b reduces your chances of getting pregnant up to 89%. However, its effectiveness declines significantly beyond 72 hours after having intercourse so timeliness holds significant importance here.

When Should You Take It?

Now that we’ve covered some basics let’s dive deeper into more important aspects such as timing because knowing when to take plan b proves very beneficial.


The sooner Plan b gets consumed- the better results ahead. Experts suggest that one should consume these emergency contraceptive tablets immediately within seventy-two (72) hours since any slip-up during protection or while being unprotected in intercourse.

After Unprotected Sex

As mentioned earlier, Plan B serves its intended purpose after a sexual encounter without the use of any contraception. You should consider taking this pill if you have had unprotected vaginal sex and haven’t used any sort of applied contraception or taken them off during sex.

After Contraceptives Failure

It may come as a surprise that certain birth control methods are not 100% effective resulting in contraceptive failure making us vulnerable to unplanned pregnancy- requiring smart moves at such times. If your regular birth control method fails (such as condoms breakage) and could lead to pregnancy; having plan b with immediate effect’s a good idea

How Long Can I Wait Before Taking Plan B?

Now, here comes the tricky part when deciding about waiting before consuming emergency contraceptives? Experts suggest one should consume these tablets immediately within seventy-two (72) hours since any slip-up during protection or while being unprotected in intercourse. Although it’s ideal for taking Emergency Conception within Twenty-Four(24)hours of exposure for best results but can be beneficial up to three days max also depending on how soon they have consumed/bought these pills from the pharmacy near them

If you wait longer than three days, then there’s an increased chance that plan b won’t work which leaves another big question mark regarding other available options.

Can You Take It Too Soon?

There isn’t an exact right way when choosing to take Plan b with timing everything basically depends on individual situations.. However,taking it too frequently does not prove useful either! Using Plan B repeatedly might cause hormonal imbalances so talk with healthcare providers beforehand using emergency contraceptives regularly.

Symptoms/References To Keep An Eye Out For?

experiencing slight changes after consuming emergencies works include headaches, dizziness nausea among others which usually subsides eventually. But those facing severe symptoms should consider contacting their doctor in such cases.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, Plan B is an essential tool that we can turn to when faced with the possibility of unwanted pregnancy after intercourse without protection or failure of contraceptives. However, it’s important to remember that timely administration plays a vital role in ensuring its efficacy. Therefore, take it as early as possible and avoid waiting for more than three days before consuming these pills- get rid of any concerns you might have about it by talking with your healthcare provider.

We hope this article has given you all the details necessary on taking plan b at the right time during emergencies resulting from unprotected sex or contraceptive failures making us prepared regarding what steps are next for safer sexual practices!

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