How long can you detect drugs in urine?

If you have ever taken drugs, then you know why this topic is so important. There are times when abstinence should be shown during a drug test, but how long can drugs stay in your urine? Well fear not my friends, for I am here to provide answers to all of your questions.

First things first: What determines how long the drugs will stay in your system?

Before we get into specific time frames for detecting drugs in urine, let us first understand what factors determine the length of detection periods:

  • Type of drug
  • Dose or amount used
  • Frequency or regularity of use
  • Individual metabolism
  • Age and gender
  • Body mass index (BMI)
  • Fluid intake

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s dive deeper!


Let’s blaze through the most talked about illicit drug – weed!

Drug THC Detection Time
Marijuana (single-use) 3 days
Marijuana (moderate use) 5 – 7 days
Marijuana (heavy use) up to 30 days

Marijuana takes a while to leave your system completely. Some people may believe it would never happen — it’s just like they say: Smoke weed everyday.


Thinking about doing some cocaine? Think again! The table below might help change your mind.

Drug Cocaine Detection Time
Single-use only (<20 mg) , Light doping occasion (~25mg intranasal)
Heavy usage
(>1000/6500mg depending on consumption mode )
(depending on variables such as specification,
purity and agonistic contaminants)
Up to 4 days

Some clever tips : If you must know for sure, please worship the toilets (we are not responsible for any kidney stones). Ladies and gentlemen, always remember to update your nostrils – do a nasal cleansing right after snorting.


Meth is known as the devil’s drug because it can make you believe everything’s okay when really it’s not.

Drug Meth Detection Time
Single-use Up to 3 days
Regular use up to 7 days

PSA: Do meth once or twice just to see what all of the fuss was about? Well, you might regret that decision since its detection depends on taking only… zero!

Fun fact: Did you know that Mexican cartels actually trade meth amongst each other with bonuses made depending on how much purity they would extract from processing ephedrine derived from Chinese tablets?

MDMA / Ecstasy

Ladies and Gents who love illegal clubbing aka raves, this section applies specifically to -you! Check out details of everyone’s favorite “hug therapy” below:

Drug Ecstasy/MDMA Detection Time
Light use
(no consecutive doses)
Heavy Use
up to 4 days
up to 5-6

There are varied factors affecting how easily your body removes metabolites–confronting our fellow humans isn’t one in which anyone should do lightly. Conscientiously decide why important abstinence method decisions need aren’t for idiosyncratic fun prior jumping along variously harmful traditions.

Now caution can be taken when the time comes – but no matter what nobody likes getting arrested cuz they took drugs.
So let us wrap-up with some last notes:

1) Sweat detoxification is effective:
Squatting often gets unnoticed among fitness enthusiasts looking to detox drugs fast. Nevertheless, running, sauna sex (whew!) and particularly jumping spot passionately leads exceptionally solid metabolic results.

2) Don’t trust quick fixes:
Invencive synthetic masking products that still prove available on marketplaces will land you in even more trouble. Chances may seem greater taking my ex’s chia pudding recipe knowledge boost – this is not betting with the brains.

3) Drinking water won’t solve everything either:
Water might lead your body quickly getting rid of any existing metabolites yet it can sometimes create negative outcomes when a large intake is done although urine samples tend demonstrating diluted tests due to hidden substances making their entrance out organism through urine.
So friends, stay safe — always remember to hit up your flushes!

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