How long after taking synthroid can i take vitamin d?

Are you wondering how long to wait before taking vitamin D after taking synthroid? Synthroid is a prescription medication containing levothyroxine, which treats hypothyroidism. It works by replacing the hormone in your thyroid gland that your body doesn’t make enough of.

Vitamin D supplements are taken for different reasons, including maintaining healthy bones and preventing infections like COVID-19.

So, how do you ensure you’re getting the health benefits of both without risking negative interactions between the two?

Understanding Synthroid

Synthroid mimics thyroxine hormones found naturally in thyroid glands. Your body converts them into triiodothyronine (T3), which then helps regulate metabolism processes. That’s why when someone has hypothyroidism-where their thyroid gland doesn’t work well-they might need replacement therapies like syntrhoid[^1].

That being said, it takes a while for synthriod to reach its peak level in your blood stream [^2]. So if you take an extra tablet thinking it will help speed things up- STOP!

Okay…maybe don’t stop just yet but consult with your doctor or pharmacist first wink.

Effectiveness of Supplementing With Vitamin D

Did you know supplementing with vitamin D leads to less fatigue during winter months? You didn’t?! See going through this article isn’t all that bad after all![^6]

Ingesting about 1000 to 4000 international units (IU) daily can increase blood levels so always check product labels[^5]. Supplements should be taken with meals since fat soluble vitamins need dietary fats’ presence for proper absorption[Lee et al., 2018][^4].

Not sure what foods contain dietary fat? Don’t worry; we’ve listed some examples below:

· Avocados
· Nuts
· Salmon
· Olive oil

Basically, all MCT oils are also a pretty amazing source of dietary fat[^5].

How Long Should You Wait?

Now to answer your question (and the main purpose we’re here)-you need to space supplements and drugs that interfere with its absorption[^3]. Waiting four hours after taking thyroxine-based medication will ideally give you enough time before consuming vitamin D.

Only take calcium carbonate supplements while treating hypothyroidism within or two up to six hours post Synthroid ingestion [^8]. Wait longer for other multivitamin supplements containing minerals such as iron or zinc. Ideally wait about 12-24 hours after synthriod ingestion before consuming them [^7][Lee et al., 2018].

You wouldn’t want some ninja-minerals challenging almost too hard these hormones wink would you?

And there you have it! The best approach necessary on spacing intake between both medications. But again this is not like fasting where waiting longer than prescribed range has added health benefits-so don’t overdo things.

Remember, always check product labeling, consult with a physician or pharmacist if unsure about drug interactions and keep away from direct sunlight during prolonged use of levothyroxine-containing meds since they contain iodine compounds which might increase susceptibility pof photo-sensitivity reactions’.

But above everything else remember one simple fact – “the body achieves what the mind believes.”

Isn’t science fun-yay! Really hope this article was informative but mostly had a couple laughs and learnt something new even in dire times!######


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