How long after std treatment?

Welcome, my fellow plagued individuals! Today we’re going to tackle one of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases: Just how long do I have to wait before I can jump back on that horse (or whatever else floats your boat) after receiving treatment for an STD? We all know how disheartening it can be to get a diagnosis and then have to wait it out while our nether regions turn into isolation chambers. Fear not though, dear reader, because whether you’ve got a case of the crabs or something far more sinister – this article has got you covered. So without any further ado, let’s dive right in.

Treating STDs: What To Expect

So you’ve caught yourself one of those Itchy & Scratchy Show-esque infections which left unchecked could lead to major health issues down the line. Firstly congratulations on dodging cervical cancer and infertility bullet if female, but also bad luck bro/sis/frand! Whether you went online and self-diagnosed (bad idea), received results from a clinic test (good job adulting!) or were outright stunned when googling symptoms come up with every bad thing except what’s happening down there(hmm probably should still see medical practitioner) ,That first time at a sexual health appointment no matter what age its nerve-racking enough, now adding an STI onto that mix – NO THANKS!

Whether your STI is viral like herpes or curable like chlamydia; typically that first visit will involve a swab/piss test which will get sent off for laboratory analysis.It’s worth knowing too that almost 50% who believe they are asymptomatic carriers meaning they show no physical signs yet remain infectious need testing too.It is ideal folks who have casual sex as well as persons who travel internationally/common migrant groups should get checked every 3-6 months or when displaying symptoms.
If your results come back positive, don’t stress too much because you are absolutely not the first one to have experienced that walking around with some hidden bugs in you. Over 1 million new sexually transmitted infections (STIs) occur every day according to a report from the World Health Organization! it’s more likely than not many of us can probably pass herpes virus even without being aware we actually have herpes on ourselves!

STD Treatment: The Waiting Game Begins

After meeting with your medical professional; they will prescribe treatment specific based upon the type and severity of STI diagnosed.There’s also another waiting game that comes during treatment except this time it’s for whatever medication they’ve given you to do its job, which typically is ranging anywhere from swallowing pills once only – yay!! or daily dosages stretched over a week, maybe injection shots dependent on how gruesome things were! , plan duration definitely depends heavily on what infection that has been discovered.Having said all this though,whatever the wicked creature inhabiting down below/hurtful sores…all expect symptom relief within seven days minimum although healing times vary per infection:

Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea

Most common bacterial STIS where antibiotics usually prescribed-shortest return-to-sex time around wait-time less than a week .


Uncommon but curable through penicillin injections depending on progression may need series shots up to 3 weeks approx- true test of patience due long healing process taking at least four weeks till confirmed cured.But as an incentive,during second stage primary chancre ulcers dissipated AKA no longer infectious AND enjoy extra bit energy-your immune system is putting up a good fight!


Two types-viral and incurable .However anti-viral pharmacological choice aims suppress recurring outbreaks/damage whilst reducing transmission probability. Most effective when Administered within the first 48 hours of outbreak can shorten healing time over recurrence occurrences.The first initial week treatment started, ideally remain sexually inactive until noticeable sores healed and gone completely.

Keep in mind that not following this waiting period could lead to a whole host of complications such as reinfection or spreading the infection to other people who you really don’t want it passed on to- don’t be “that person”!

Can We Keep It Casual Now?

Okay, okay-we know that right about now your main concern is probably getting back out there and resuming normal activity between those sheets.However,it’s vital not to lose sight of the fact that whether antibiotic tablets,to intramuscular injections,every form of medication shows different efficacy regiment whilst interfering how contagions progress . Not only will foregoing these timelines cause further physical irritation potentially might send you back another circuit round STI clinic – spending more money than before-will inevitably stress having conversation with recent bedmate . Which leads us into our next section – How To Have “The Talk” With Sexual Partner Post-Diagnosis

We get it; talking openly about anything related sex topics especially uncomfortable situations like STIs can leave any personality pigeon-toed , flustered or tactless which entirely understandable.But There’s no denying though -having these awkward conversations usually potential part life humanising but hey if by chance kick starts breakouts social anxiety symptoms-preparedness wise good practice!

Here are few tips for addressing situation successfully:

Know The Facts

Get your head around important details regarding infectious nature UTI detected ,
to what can be done treat/cure condition.This way straight facts enables concise communication & creates understanding.
Learn knowledge together-by discussing, patients often better understand their own concerns/queries,demonstrating interest partner feels valued heard.

Timing Is Everything

So the bigger question is when to tell partner? Best time ideally,make sure no loins are already hot and heavy then oh btw I’ve got an STI convo turns as red flag rather than green.
Timing crucial here neither jumping gun pre assumption of negative reactions nor waiting horrendously worry filled days before attempting explain happened , plan for appropriate moment realistic spur-of-the-moment situations too.(No really this was last moment thing before private launch)

There no “one size fits all” approach reveals status .Maybe be in a great relationship so would want hear it from you ASAP,no avoiding transparency whether marriage candidate or hookup liaison. Refer same physician they seen avoid vital miscommunication,interruption therapy or reinfection.Breaking news occured always check factual knowledge first otherwise things get awkward pretty soon accompanied by guilty concerned feelings-fella might never take chances again!

Progress Encourages Movement Forward

Confessing sides of sex history although uncomfortable & confronting focuses on bright light ahead, learning about personal values if number partners make difference,bypassen stigma/taboo reiterating with testing valuable how we practice self-care.State current medical regime staying healthy active while combating treatment side effects critical maintaining stable outlook.Talking openly can encourage empathy understanding between couple shouldn’t feel ashamed discussing scary topic just basis further solidifying trust level.

Finally! We have reached the million-dollar question -when is it finally safe to jump back into bed without it feeling like playing Tetris with vital organs!!!!.

“Wait-Time” After OST Matched Length Of Time For Sexual Abstinence?

The answer’s not absolute and comes nuanced explanation dependent upon particular diagnosis.
Generally speaking :
– Chlamydia/Gonorrhoea Approx 1 week post completion antibiotics course
– Syphilis 4 weeks after injecting penicillin dose completed – Herpes (genital) Symptoms completely gone (can take up to 10 days-medication dependent),reduction/change in recurring outbreaks

However Very recent studies suggest for Y-chromosomes’ sake – abstinence period encouraged minimum within a month or so after completing treatment able present negative swab-test to avoid possible long term health related issues/partner infectivity domino effect.(Better safe than sorry right?)

Wrapping It Up…Literally

But wait, before you run off into the sunset ready and raring to get back down and dirty-safe sex should always at forethought with new partners until exclusive confirm.Therefore best stick whole array protection options available/have open dialogue alleviating anxiety around compliance.Decisions on when safe proceed next step significant considering own feelings personal progress-make sure this ultimate conclusion fully embraced. Remember just because testing/cure positive STI showed up doesn’t label as diseased person but rather a mature one recognizes importance accountability self-health & hygiene practices!

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