How long after ipl can i go in the sun?

Are you an IPL enthusiast who loves taking care of your skin? Well, there’s a tiny problem: you want to get that golden tan, but fear damaging your newly treated skin. Fear not! This article will guide you on how long after IPL treatment can go out in the Sun.


If it’s your first time getting IPL hair removal done or any other form of photo-rejuvenation, then knowledge about tanning before and after the superficial treatment is crucial. Trust us; nobody wants dull/flaky/sensitive/patchy/pigmented/bumpy/hard-to-heal/clogged pores/allergic reactions – we could seriously go on forever – instead of beautiful healthy-looking skin!

The Science Behind IPL Treatment & Sun Exposure

To break it down quite simply with science, an Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) device releases broad-spectrum light applied directly onto your skin. This light detects pigments such as melanin and hemoglobin within underlying tissue layers, where intense heat travels through selective wavelengths across these areas without destroying the connective tissues between them.

Now imagine exposing this freshly-treated dermis to sunlight—the opposite wavelength(s) would be absorbed into those “damaged” areas at high concentrations since they’re recovering/glaring under their epidermis barrier…leading to second-degree burns or blistering injuries which shall henceforth ruin all hopes for perfect fair baby soft spotless radiant 10/10 porcelain unblemished clear complexion for each one of us FOR LIFE.

Yeah no thanks!

You must avoid direct sun exposure both before and after undergoing an IPL session, especially if it necessitates further intervention (i.e., Fraxel laser procedures). All this is so that there are no undesirable side effects like hyperpigmentation or severe damage from ultraviolet rays left after the already intense pulsing light treatment.

How Long After IPL Can You Go in The Sun?

Okay, since you’re desperate to lay out and soak up some warmth while sipping on your favorite cocktail or enjoying a good book by your beachside pad, keep reading!

So how long should one wait for that golden sunbathing hour etched onto their schedules after getting an IPL procedure? Well, it varies depending on each individual’s skin type/hair color/sensitivity levels. In general, you can start exposing yourself to sunlight but with caution and applying ample sunscreen right after the initial redness subsides properly (about 24-48 hours).

Understanding Skin Types

It is important first to understand which skin type level you fall into before discussing how fast/long/what protection measures are necessary post-IPL. Please note; this is not only helpful for sun exposure safety tips but also when choosing strength/settings/treatment plans specific for IPL hair removal/devices according to our skin color chart as well.

Skin Type I & II

Pale white or beige complexion types typically seen with freckles and blonde/red hair;

UV scores between zero-twenty-five readings;

Recommended wait time: At least One week

Skin Type III

Light brown/darker beige skins found frequently among Caucasians/Southern Europeans;

UV range recorded at twenty-six-fifty readings;

Recommendation Wait Time – Three Days Minimum

Skin Type IV & V:

Dull White/Bruising Brown Skinned folk possessing black/brown shiny curly/wavy/straight/nappy tresses of varying lengths.

UV correlates in fifty upwards range numbers;

Wait time required– Two Days roughly

Avoiding Direct Sunlight AFTER IPL Laser Hair Removal Treatment:

Now let’s get down dirty into details concerning what precautions shall lead us poor humans away from damaging our medically cared epidermis – be kind TO YOURSELVES y’all! 🙂

1. Cover Yourself!

The simplest and most effective way to prevent sunburns or photodamage is by putting on loose-fitting, light-colored cotton clothes such as long-sleeved shirts/pants/hoodies/sunglasses, hats or carrying an umbrella for shade. Opt-in for clothing that covers your recently treated areas/vaseline/neosporin patches – this shall help soothe skin inflammation if any while providing protection against harsh rays.

2. Sunscreen Is Key

Ensure the sunscreen you use has all three types of radiation protection:

UVA: Protection from aging effects
UVB: Guarding against burns caused by UV rays
UVC: Shielding from damage by these harmful wavelengths.

Also, pick a high SPF range (30-50) with Zero Oxybenzone concentrations and apply every two hours religiously even if it’s cloudy outside because those cheeky rays still penetrate through cloud coverage quite easily.)

There are several brands that one can pick up like Coola/Biore/Aveeno/Lancome/SkinCeuticals/Dermalogica/Clinique among others according to their individual preference/budget/concerns.

3. Stay Indoors at Peak Hours

It would be best not to engage in outdoor activities during peak sunshine hours between ten am – four pm; where possible, try exceeding time indoors/cozy indoor sessions/digital spa days/chilling in air-conditioned spots since our body-safe limits truly know no bounds after undergoing photo facials/procedures).

A Bullshit Proof Quick Table Summary On Do’s & Don’ts Post-IPL:

Wear protective light but not tight fabric! Bruise yourself on purpose
Apply moisturizer often Consume different beauty supplements
Use gentle skincare products only Use Charcoal face masks
Stay away from tanning beds Attempt to wax after treatment
Drink plenty of Water Use exfoliators


So, in summary, making sure you follow the suggested wait times before sun exposure is vital; taking into account your skin type/hair color/sensitivity means avoiding any unnecessary reactions or ill effects post-treatment. As responsible human beings who want to look fabulous always, we also have an obligation towards protecting our bodies – and this includes shielding ourselves from potential UV damage.

Remember that there are various ways around catching up on some outdoor play while keeping yourself safe (cue hats/umbrellas/patio parasols), but it’s still better to stay indoors if necessary. So go ahead and tan zero shady guilt-free!

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