How long after belly button piercing can you swim?

If you’re one of those people who have always wanted a belly button piercing, then you probably already know how much it hurts. Sure, the pain is only temporary, but what about aftercare? One of the most common questions asked when someone gets their navel pierced is “How long do I have to wait before I can go swimming?” Well Fear Not! You’ve come to the right place because we are here to give you all the info and some good laughs along the way!

Why waiting matters

Before jumping into a body of water feet first (or waist deep), it’s important to understand why waiting is essential in proper healing for any new piercing. Swimming pools and oceans house all sorts of bacteria that could lead to an infection if your belly button isn’t fully healed yet.

Moreover, chlorine or salty seawater could dry out your skin even further than it already is from getting a piercing done. Two words: not fun.

So just like with tattoos – which take four weeks at minimum until they heal completely – there are certain timespan restrictions around exposing fresh piercings that vary depending on where they’re located on your body.

The following text will guide you through what affects these time frames with regards specifically towards giving guidance if planning a pool party anytime soon post-piercing…

So… how Long?

We won’t mess about; waiting periods tend be pretty standardized regardless of where on your pelvis’ hemisphere you now sport sparkle jewelry…

  • Wait at least two weeks before soaking in any water.
  • Wait for three months prior from subjecting yourself near natural bodies such as lakes or public pools
  • After three solid month period avoid hot tubs too

Itching/ being uncomfortable should be gone altogether else stick around for another week under medical authority supervision & diagnosis – this goes without saying while maintaining general hygiene overabundance especially in the first few days following procedure (we know it feels like an age)

But don’t worry, there are luckily many alternatives to swimming whilst healing such as tanning on the grass getting comfy indoors with a movie or visiting an air conditioned space with friends!

How long after Belly Button Piercing can you swim?

The minimum of two weeks waiting time before submerging your lower stomach area into any water is crucial. If not taken this seriously and failed by patient, further soreness – sensitivity along- side redness around the piercing accompanied with hazards creeping around trying to get at you seeping necessitating infection treatment which could take up more than just 5 minutes of frantically Googling “local piercer emergency response”. We’ve all been there.

So let’s explore some key factors that may affect if its best to wait longer…

Healing times

Obviously your wound having enough time to recover is key when deciding when’s appropriate resuming aquatic activity; suffice it say also exists variance between individuals predominantly due physical structure – for eg thicker skin types tend recovering slightly slower than their thinner counterparts. Because of such variation often strictly sticking to our advised durations should give ample safekeeping from irritation/bacterial building though no guarantees beyond event reaching medical aid earlier required otherwise!
To put things simply: Don’t risk going sooner even if feeling great/nailed those post-piercing dos/don’ts better doublechecking again pronto so your beloved navel remains injury free (!)

Type Of Swimming Location

Again we said depends upon where specifically anticipating floating.

Swimming pools Firstly Pools themselves contain Chlorine (often found in higher amounts in public) excessive exposure necessarily invites dry /irritated sensation taking away precious recovery time already stretched – why innit ‘best’ idea but appreciating lots dreadfully resist putting plan B into action avoiding anxiety coming through just one missed event.

Lakes & other bodies of natural water –
Between lakes and oceans, it’s oceans that enjoy a better reputation thanks to salt containing helpful elements with healing process (our love for hydrotherapy knows no bounds) – but alas still plenty pollutants within non-sterile waters at times posing unpleasant after effects. Oh! And if its lake situated in tourist destination, tourists come from every corner globe ensure adequate measures taken ensuring pond remains clean seaworthily!

But let’s not forget we take zero responsibility for those teenagers who thought swimming before the two week radius had surpassed was worth leewaying over lower probability end up on the wrong side infection drug prescription…sorry abattoir waiting room

Keeping It Clean

Aforementioned basic hygiene steps go without mention thought should note regular shower acts cleaning wound properly especially recommended post-facility spending five minutes under running water taking gently while avoiding temptation swap this our best friend hydrogen peroxide long term ultimately worsens condition proving ineffective against microbials helping your piercing recover safely avoiding harsh detergents advice by any piercer worth their salt!

Taking Precautions

Pools, beaches and even hot tubs are all public areas where people swim which means sharing these spaces invariably opens you up to bacteria lurking round corners waiting prey aiming directly center piece unbeknownst casual swimmers; We’re not saying get paranoid about such things just a little extra cautious

Splashing around fun swimsuit that may or may not resemble something out of Baywatch promise make sure protected wearing enough sun lotion factor stop UV rays permeating into unhealed skin leaving yourself susceptible unwanted added risks.

Additional Considerations

Let’s cover some more detailed perspectives when planning adventures:

Maternity Swimming Apparel.

Now pregnant women often refrain engagement midsection placed events unless given full fledged nod medical personnel lengthy! Thus far lengthier period staying away considered beneficial will significantly lower reliance treatment later on.

Family Friend swimming entertainment

Or those planning attending family friendly events – this situation presents the usual risks known where and when children arrive water related centres usually end up case strewn hazards including broken glass or even urine soiling resulting crying offspring as well reiterating previously stated solutions taking precautions also practicing basic swimming etiquette help reducing unnecessary dangers ensuing any unnecessary visits to medical facilities.

You should be good to go with understanding what triggers safe-for-swimming guidelines determining if you’re ready mad waves. Itching, redness, and other wound-related symptoms still present? Give them some extra tender loving care time before getting back in aquatic action…

Final Word

Patience is key in these situations than rushing around from one activity another compromising your health being completely plausible addition always puts ink into danger zone ( we can’t roll our eyes more!)

Just make sure have sensible ‘plan B’ prepared (like ordering a mocktail instead of schooner beer for the day out living) taking necessary steps properly looking after yourself during healing period whilst preserving circumstances planned along with personal safety course being priority numero uno!

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