How long after a spray tan can you shave?

Spray tans are a great way to achieve that sun-kissed look without risking sunburn and uneven color. However, there are many things to consider when getting a spray tan: what to wear during your session, how long before showering, and most importantly – when can you shave after getting one?

If you’re like me who loves the feeling of smooth legs but also wants an even tan, then read on for some tips on shaving after your spray tan!

The importance of waiting

First off, it’s crucial to wait at least 8 hours after getting a spray tan before shaving. This is because the solution needs time to fully settle into your skin which can take up to eight hours or in some cases overnight. Shaving too soon could result in orange streaks and patches as well as unsightly razor burn.

Moreover, avoid using razors with multiple blades or those designed for a close shave as these tend to remove more dead skin cells than necessary which makes your spray tan fade faster.

So what do you do if you really need that silky-smooth feel sooner than later? Don’t worry! Here are some ways around it:

Alternative hair removal methods while waiting

Use hair removal cream

One option is using depilatory creams since they work by dissolving hair instead of removing dead skin cells like razors. They are gentle enough and will not disrupt the chemical reaction taking place underneath your skin surface thus helping maintain an even-looking self-tan.


Waxing is another commonly used practice where hot wax removes unwanted hair from beneath its roots resulting in slower regrowth compared with other forms such as tweezers or epilation devices . But again, be sure not get it done within eight hours immediately preceding or following the treatment .

Ultimately, moisturizing regularly helps prolong the lifespan of your tan. Keep reading to learn how:

Ways to maintain a spray tan

Stay moisturized

Applying moisturizer helps keep the outer layer of skin plump and hydrated, lengthening the life of your self-tan considerably (you don’t want your legs to look like they could double as an alligator purse) therefore choose products that are oil-free.

Avoid LONG baths or SHOWERS

When taking showers after getting a spray tans, try not to stay too long under hot water; excessive heat can break down the chemical composition responsible for giving you that sun-kissed color. Additionally, powdering in areas where sweat accumulates will help mildew formation thus preventing patchiness .

Tone it up

Spray tan maintenance can come with its own added challenges such as irregular wear-off; using tinted body butter is one safe way into making them last longer by topping off on missed spots. Some post-shower lotions come with light shimmers using bronzing pigments which only add warmth formula thereby leaving behind subtle contours shading that highlight the silhouette while showing off authentic-looking lines without streaks .

In conclusion, do yourself a favor and resist shaving within 8 hours after getting a spray tan unless you opted for last-minute hair removal options away from razors.
Remember also be gentle when working around sensitive skin areas so as not disrupt any delicate follicles lurking beneath – this paired with appropriate skincare practices has shown commitment towards preserving even-distribution glow

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